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Six trailblazing use cases for the metaverse in business

Discover how the metaverse is already becoming part of business – from industry to enterprise and the full scope of B2B. Read our latest article.

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‘Customer guy’ talks the metaverse

Steven Van Belleghem – who has devoted his career to customer experience – discusses what it will mean in the metaverse

sprinter- parks research article

Overcoming the five roadblocks to Industry 4.0.

Discover the top challenges when it comes to Industry 4.0 and how to overcome them.

role of csps

How CSPs can help in Industry 4.0

Orchestrating ecosystems for Industry 4.0 integration

role of networks

The Role of the Network in Industry 4.0

How use cases define Industry 4.0 network architectures

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industry 4.0 Henrik Scheel

An inside look at the drivers for Industry 4.0

An inside look at the drivers for Industry 4.0 with its 'father', Henrik von Scheel

henrik von scheel

Podcast episode 3: Industry 4.0 resets the competitive landscape

Hear ‘father of Industry 4.0’ Henrik von Scheel’s entertaining insights on how I4.0 will reset the competitive landscape.

Jennifer Kent

Podcast episode 2: Lessons for success in Industry 4.0

Hear Jennifer Kent, Vice President of Research at Parks Associates, share insight on Industry 4.0 and overcoming roadblocks to success

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Monetizing 5G: Five tips for CSPs from Robbie Kellman Baxter

CSPs keen to move up the value chain will need to rethink and adapt their subscription models to embrace the new opportunities of the 5G era. Baxter offers five tips.

neutral hosts

Neutral hosts: A route to greater 5G profitability for CSPs?

Neutral host infrastructure can help CSPs to reduce costs, free up capital, and roll out services faster. American Tower, Cellnex and SiFi Networks explain how.

7 ways the telco industry had changed

7 ways the pandemic transformed the telecoms industry

Discover how 2021 solidified the transformation brought about by the pandemic

KPIs for DSPs

KPIs for DSPs

For CSPs, an essential first step toward capitalizing on 5G is reinventing traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) to focus more on value creation.

know now- metaverse edition

Know now report

Our experts have scoured the globe to find the six top trends and technologies that CSPs need to know now. Download our latest Know, now report to learn more.

 blue ice

Siloed data presents a crisis of trust in the telco industry

Siloed data presents a crisis of trust in the telco industry

monetization consumer market

Will fortune favor the brave in consumer 5G monetization?

Learn about the four 5G consumer monetization approaches, and how effective they are for revenue generation. 

reinvent new business models

Reinvent value by embracing new business models

Reinvent value by embracing new business models

monetization ecosystems

A new hope for CSPs that embrace the 5G Enterprise ecosystem

5G monetization requires CSPs to look to the enterprise and get comfortable playing a role within larger 5G ecosystems. Read our article to find out more.

monetization for enterprise

How to monetize 5G enterprise markets

By 2030, businesses will be spending $4.5 trillion per year on 5G-enabled technologies. Discover the four monetization models that CSPs can adopt to drive growth.

Enterprise demand survey

What will drive enterprise adoption of NaaS?

Which NaaS solutions do enterprises want? What features are appealing? Check out the survey results to find out. 

NaaS - business article

Do CSPs know what enterprises want from NaaS?

CSPs should offer NaaS to grow their revenue. Learn how to tap into this $15Billion opportunity.

The race to 5g and enterprise readiness

The race to 5G and enterprise readiness

Explore what’s behind 5G’s rapid uptake, when we’ll feel the benefits and what needs to happen for the promise of 5G to become reality.

digital twins

Where can CSPs use digital twins

Widely adopted within the manufacturing industry, we look at four ways CSPs can apply digital twins to tackle complex challenges across their organization.

lessons in digital transformation

Lessons in digital transformation

What’s the best way to avoid the pitfalls that have caused digital transformation efforts to stumble up to now? Read our article to find out.

take control of your digital transformation

Take control of your digital transformation

Read about how a structured approach to transformation helps CSPs manage costs and complexity.

digital transformation survey

Telecom digital transformation insights

See what 100 CSP IT leaders have to say about their priorities and challenges.

digital transformation

Three digital transformation blind spots

Checking your blind spots is a business imperative, especially during disruptive times. Are you aware of these three?

human connections

Low-touch, high emotions

Find out how emotions will shape customer relationships in a minimal touch economy.

The role of self-driving vehicles in transforming agriculture

The role of self-driving vehicles in transforming agriculture

In the near future, autonomous vehicles and AI will play a larger role in how your food is grown. Find out how.

ecosystem evolution

Explore the evolving ecosystem strategy

Business ecosystems can help expand opportunities into new solutions, segments and markets. Which model is right for you?

the new normal is the new possible

New normal. New possible.

Five tips to help CSPs thrive in a low-touch world.


Companies are choosing to build private 5G networks - here’s why

As the world migrates to 5G, private 5G - the next generation local area network (LAN) - will pave a wave of innovation within private enterprise wireless networking.

people in office

Becoming an ecosystem player: Are you ready?

Digital ecosystems bring new business and help companies continue to improve and innovate. Find some tips on how to get started.

5g requires new business models

5G will require new business models

When it comes to making money from 5G, CSPs need to think beyond the usual business models. Read the article to get some ideas.


How ecosystems can transform your business

Read about how leaders from Salesforce and Nokia approach ecosystems and what’s behind the success of their communities.

telcos and esims

Will eSIMs drive more telecom competition?

Read the article to find out why CSPs may have more competition soon thanks to eSims.

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