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How connectivity and advanced tech can help solve the energy crisis

We look at six approaches to tackling the energy crisis using connectivity and advanced tech.

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Influencer series

Real Action: Green, Local Energy – Microgrids

Our experts seek to answer this question: how can we make renewable, resilient energy supply more accessible?


Macro impact of microgrids

Leslie Labruto, director of the Marshall Impact Accelerator at the London School of Economics, describes how microgrids can be a force for good.

Four places to close the gender gap

A sustainable future must include women: four places to close the gender gap

Women make up 50% of the population but are under-represented in STEM education, careers and leadership. How can we ensure socio-economic gender parity?

metaverse gen z research

Meet the metaverse generation

New global research in partnership with Ipsos looks at how Gen Z view the metaverse. Discover six key insights and what they mean in practice.

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Mimi Nicklin

Corporate empathy and the metaverse

Mimi Nicklin explains the origins of empathy and its significance in the design of grounded and virtual environments where the stakes are high.

Mardia Niehaus

UN approach to women in tech

Experienced Senior Vice President International with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Business Process, Coaching, Service-Level…

overcoming the digital divide

Ways to overcome the seven fault lines of the digital divide

How do we make sure there’s no digital divide in the digital economy?


The metaverse and the future of work

Bernard Marr – prepares us for the future of work – discussing what role the metaverse will play

real action

Real Action solving smart agriculture challenges

In our Real Action influencer series we build better futures with #Noboundaries

Anne Lee

Insights from a female tech pioneer

Hear Bell Labs Chief Technology Partner and 2020 Ada Lovelace Honoree as a “pioneering software engineer” in telecommunications technology, Anne Lee talk women in tech.

sustainable future


CSPs and businesses will play a crucial role in building a sustainable future, driving technological and behavioral changes which benefit us all. We’ve put together a…

petra de sutter

Closing the digital divide across Belgium

Hear Madam Petra De Sutter, deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, discuss digital initiatives taking place across the country.


Industry pathways to net zero

Find out how digital connectivity and technologies can provide low carbon solutions to help industries decarbonize.

regenerative capitalism

Regenerative capitalism for a sustainable future

John Elkington, award-winning sustainability authority, and Founder of Volans, says action in the financial sector is needed to unlock systemic change.

The business case for climate change action

The business case for climate action

Hear how Jean Benoît Besset, VP for IT and Strategy at Orange France, sees addressing climate change as an opportunity, not a burden.


Regenerative Capitalism

Sustainability authority, John Elkington, says the key to a sustainable future is for companies to change their views on capitalism.

smart agriculture

Smart agriculture - The fight to feed 10 billion

How smart agriculture via public or private LTE, 5G networks, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics make agriculture more efficient and sustainable.

CSPs must be sustainable by design

CSPs must be sustainable by design

How CSPs can reduce network power consumption and carbon emissions in the radio access network (RAN), backhaul network, network management and data center.

zero emissions

Acting together to achieve a zero emissions world

Learn more on how to improve energy efficiency and control emissions.

future of education

Future of Education

Read our call to action for Education 4.0

London as a smart city

Smart cities

How a 5G-enabled smart city can assist the daily life challenges faced by a blind person? Let telecom analyst, Chris Lewis takes you on his personal journey.

Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems: Their place in our future

Autonomous systems can deliver social-economic benefits, enable industry 4.0 and human wellbeing.

learning using technology

Tech and the disability divide

How can tech bridge the disability divide for a billion people?

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