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Metaverse matters: A guide to the immersive future

The metaverse is a complex concept. We break it down to help CSPs and enterprises prepare for and harness the potential of the metaverse.

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Practical insight from first metaverse founder

Discover lessons learned from the founder of first true metaverse.

Sebastian Eger

How robots gain the gift of sight

Sebastian Eger on how seeing is believing and why granting robots the gift of sight with cameras, 5G and edge cloud opens a world of possibility.

Titans of telecoms-Cody Sanford

Titans of Telecoms: “The data race is now on”

Cody Sanford, former T-Mobile CIO shares his view on where the telecoms industry might be in 2047 and what might it take to get there.

Jefferson Wang

Why the network matters

Jefferson Wang explains why a modern network is required for digital transformation and it is a competitive advantage

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A ‘hands-on’ view of the metaverse

Listen to Dorian Banks, CEO of Looking Glass Labs, describe the business benefits and opportunities in nascent metaverse platforms.

Tomas Lamanauskas- Titans of telecoms

Titans of Telecoms: “Fiber is built to last”

Our Titans have been working for 25+ years. Now they look ahead to the next 25. Where might the telecoms industry be in 2047 and what might it take to get there? We speak to…

vision for an open future

Networks in 2030: Why an open future is essential

Openness is crucial to our 2030 vision. The critical network characteristics will require open collaboration at both the business and technology level.

father of GSM

The human story of GSM

Meet Timo Ali-Vehmas who delived one of the fundamental elements of global connectivity with the first official GSM call.


The Right KPIs Lay the Path for Success

Hear Stephen Rose, Executive Partner at Nokia Bell Labs Consulting, discuss the importance of measuring for success and what that looks like for DSPs.

Oi Brazil

The turnaround king at Oi Brazil

How Rodrigo Abreu broke boundaries to transform Oi Brazil – and redefined what a telecoms firm can be.

9 initiatives of openness

9 initiatives that revealed the power of openness to CSPs

Openness is a key driver of telco innovation. But which initiative has had the most impact? Here are nine that have transformed the industry—or will in the future.


Neutral Host Delivers the Value of Openness

Hear Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO of SiFi Networks, explain the role of a neutral host in fiber connectivity, 5G and the last mile.

Sami Komulainen- Elisa

Elisa's game changing network transformation

How Sami Komulainen flipped his thinking and realized a vast network transformation at Elisa. Read our interview.

mastering the unpredictable

How to master unpredictability in an IP world

With no sign of a “new normal” in sight, network traffic patterns seem impossible to predict. Find out how can CSPs plan for a world where nothing is certain.

CSP demand survey

Can NaaS help CSPs realize the full potential of 5G?

See what 100 CSP leader say about their readiness to offer NaaS and how aligned they are to what and how enterpises want to purchase NaaS.

NaaS- technical article

To win at NaaS, CSPs need to think like a webscale company

NaaS is changing the game. Read the article to find out what technology challenges CSPs are facing and how to over come those to boost up their readiness to offer NaaS.

Get To Grips With Neutral Host

Get To Grips With Neutral Host

Hear Jose Antonio Aranda of Cellnex Spain explain the value of neutral host networks.

Openness drives innovation

Openness drives innovation

Industry experts share how open API’s, open ecosystems, open forums and open culture can help CSPs innovate.

smart glasses

Will XR break your 5G capacity scaling strategy?

As 5G ecosystem rallies behind extended reality (XR), CSPs must rethink how to match capacity with growing demand.

Ulf Theobald

Why 5G and IoT need open network APIs

X-Cite’s Ulf Theobald advocates for open APIs to bridge the gap between mobile operators and IoT developers to enable 5G business succcess.

Power Station Control Room

The biggest cyber threat? Clinging to the past

Merging OT and IT systems can be done in a way that actually shrinks the threat surface - resulting in highly secure critical infrastructure environments.

Arpit Joshipura

Open source and the next wave of innovation

Linux Foundation’s Arpit Joshipura argues open source software is changing the innovation landscape, enabling CSPs to focus on what matters

how to solve the automation puzzle

How to solve the automation puzzle

CSPs need automation to manage complexity and seize the 5G opportunity. Our panel of industry experts explains how to get it right.

Rajesh Gadiyar

Building the future with open ecosystems

Intel's Rajesh Gadiyar shares how open ecosystems help telecoms accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions for their customers.

Ron Haberman

Company culture can support open innovation

Ron Haberman, Cloud and Network Services CTO, explains why and how he is strengthening an open culture within Nokia.

white hat hacker

A friendly hacker's perspective

 Thinking like a hacker could unlock new strategies to reduce your security risks.

5G from space

5G from space: The role of satellites

Find out how new communications satellites might bring customers a seamless 5G wireless experience across the entire globe.

5g spectrum bands

Spectrum bands matter in a 5G world

Find out why wireless operators might have to use a mix of low-, mid- and high-band spectrum to deliver the type of 5G experience that their customers demand.


Pandemic is forcing industrial innovation

COVID-19 is our modern war, and it’s accelerating the merger of our physical and digital worlds. The pandemic is forcing an industry transformation.

network on the moon

Building networks that are out of this world

Find out what it takes to put a network on the Moon and how solving these challenges can help improve networks on Earth.

privacy challenges

Privacy challenges in 5G networks

Read the article to examine specific privacy challenges in 5G networks, and explore some potential security solutions

critical IoT thumbnail

Critical IoT vs Massive IoT

Both massive and critical IoT applications will play a large role in our society going forward. Do you know the difference?

Chris Dancy

Interview with the Mindful Cyborg

Find out why Chris Dancy, the world’s most connected person argues for even more connectivity.

threat intelligence report 2020

Threat Intelligence Report 2020

Get a comprehensive view of today’s threat landscape and the biggest cyber risks facing organizations today.

network sharing in the 5g world

Network sharing may be a necessity in a 5G world

As capacity and coverage demands skyrocket, CSPs may need to consider new ownership models to keep costs in check.

shrinking the threat surface

Shrinking the threat surface

Our survey suggests only 7% of telecom security leaders feel well prepared to handle potential threats. Get ready to protect your business.

Network Intelligence Report

Network Intelligence Report

Get the detailed report on service provider traffic and consumption trends in the year of COVID-19.

Press release
network slicing

First automated 4G/5G network slicing

Nokia offers world's first automated 4G/5G network slicing within RAN, transport and core domains.

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Open RAN

CSPs, vendors and governments are working together to define the role of open standards. RAN sits at the heart of this discussion.

Automated network slicing

Operators can create multiple virtual networks, or network 'slices', which can be used for specific applications with specific requirements.

5G Core

Help your customer innovate, optimize, and pivot to new opportunities by deploying a converged cloud-native 5G Core.

Accelerate 5G with Fixed Networks

Bring ultra-broadband faster and at the right cost.

Insight driven optical networks

Build smarter, more automated optical networks to stay competitive and create value for your business and customers.

Insight-driven IP networks

Ensure long-term profitability and quality of experience by evolving your IP network

Digital Operations center

Learn how to design, deploy and operate 5G network slices at scale across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology environments.

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