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1830 Photonic Service Interconnect - Modular (PSI-M)

A disaggregated, compact modular platform that delivers scalability and flexibility to optical networking and DCI applications

The Nokia 1830 Photonic Services Interconnect – Modular (PSI-M) is a compact, modular optical networking platform, optimized for data center interconnect applications over metro, regional, and long-haul distances. The shift to cloud-based services created a tremendous need for optical networks and bandwidth to interconnect data centers, as well as to connect local data caching sites to their respective metro point of presence locations. The 1830 PSI-M modular architecture allows carriers to configure the interfaces and capacities needed for each application.

Compact modular 1830 PSI-M

Benefits and features

Delivers maximum scalability and performance

  • Compact, high-density platform with a blade-optimized form factor 
  • Provisioned, multi-modulation line ports enable optimization of capacity and distance
  • Coherent optical line ports based on Nokia PSE coherent DSPs and advanced optics

Provides flexible configuration options

  • Four modular I/O slots allow flexible I/O configurations
  • Mix-and-match modular interfaces
  • Single and dual width modules
  • Supports a mix of client services

Maximizes efficiency

  • Simple plug-and-play operations with auto-discovery/auto-provisioning reduce operations costs
  • Open and programmable with industry-standard interfaces and models simplify operations
  • Advanced streaming telemetry enables real-time network health and analytics

Use cases

1830 PSI-M is optimized for metro, regional, and long-haul DCI applications including:

  • Metro data center expansion
  • Local data caching to metro point of presence
  • Data center interconnections over long-haul or ultra-long-haul distances
1830 PSI-M use cases

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