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Open Optical Networking

Open and disaggregated platforms, open model-driven interfaces and open management and control


Open optical architectures and technologies are key enablers in the transformation of optical networks into responsive, automated and high-value digital platforms. Network operators are assessing, testing and deploying the enabling open hardware and software building blocks. Nokia provides a complete, value-added open optical networking solution for critical networks.

Networks must transform to become responsive, automated and high-value platforms. They must scale to meet dynamic and diverse traffic demands and support new cloud-based services and business models while increasing performance and resilience. At the same time, networks must be optimized to make more efficient use of resources to ultimately reduce cost per transported bit.

Operators are leveraging open optical network architectures and technologies to optimize CAPEX, reduce OPEX and enhance revenue-generating services.

Open, disaggregated networks help operators take advantage of the pace of coherent transport innovation by decoupling the relatively long lifespan of DWDM line systems from shorter lifespan transponders. Open networks also unlock value by enabling automated network and service operations that accelerate and improve service activation and availability.

The key enabling open technologies include hardware platforms optimized for open networking and transport software-defined network (SDN)-based open interfaces and data models. Operators are challenged to integrate and optimize the price-performance of these elements now sourced from multiple suppliers.

The Nokia end-to-end Open Optical Networking solution reduces risk, accelerates deployment and delivers value. Our hardware and software building blocks are complemented by value-added critical network knowledge, software applications and control, and integration and deployment services.

Benefits and features

Nokia offers a complete, value-added, open optical solution comprised of complementary hardware, software and services. The solution components utilize open features and automation capabilities to extract and leverage the advanced coherent-optimized optical performance built-in to our chassis-based 1830 PSS and disaggregated data center-optimized compact modular 1830 PSI network elements. This results in key benefits for your critical, open network.

Scale network capacity and capabilities

Grow capacity while improving performance and automating operational capabilities

Optimize network infrastructure and operations

Make more efficient use of network resources to reduce cost per bit

Create value

Support new cloud-based services and business models—without adding OPEX

Solution components and features

The Nokia Optical Networks Portfolio comprises modular, value-added components for automated and open optical networking:

  • Nokia WaveSuite open applications: Health & Analytics, Optimizer
  • Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) SDN management and control
  • Support for open software-defined networking (SDN) control
  • Nokia 1830 PSS and 1830 PSI network elements with open agents
  • Nokia integrated subsystems and pluggable solutions based on application-optimized DSPs and Silicon Photonics Optical Engines
  • Support for third-party, multi-vendor networks
  • Nokia WavePrime open systems integration practice
  • Nokia WaveHub open development and innovation ecosystem

Scalable and openly programmable application-optimized infrastructure

The Nokia Open Optical Networking solution consists of telco, chassis-based systems and data center interconnect (DCI)-optimized compact modular platforms that leverage advanced coherent digital signal processors (DSPs), line systems and open agents.

Open programmability and control

Multi-vendor SDN hierarchical control/orchestration and domain management and control options  support Nokia and third-party open transponders/terminals, open line systems and open pluggable transceivers by leveraging standardized northbound T-API and southbound OpenConfig APIs as well as standardized NETCONF/YANG-based data models. 

  • Nokia NSP: Network Resource Controller – Transport (NRC-T) module,  NRC Cross Domain Coordination (NRC-X) module, and Network Functions Management for Transport (NFM-T)

Open, automated network control and operations software application suite

Network insight applications that utilize streaming telemetry and AI-based thresholding, accessed via open agents and data models, automate operations and optimize network performance, capacity and resource consumption.

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