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Optical Professional Services

Let our experts help you build an insight-driven network


Our Optical Professional Services team provides the expertise, tool sets and best practices you need to build insight-driven communications networks that can protect and grow your business.

Get the professional services that help you transform, optimize and automate your network. These services enable you to extract maximum tactical and strategic value from your optical network.

  • Network modernization and transformation services
  • Systems integration of optical products and software
  • Network consultation and design
  • Business process automation and workflow optimization
  • Network data intelligence extraction and reporting

Optical Professional Services can help you turn your network into a secure, efficient and resilient infrastructure with open interfaces and multivendor support.  We use a business outcome-focused methodology to ensure your success.

Accelerate your time-to-market and test your automated processes with Digital Twins

Let our Optical Professional Services team create a Digital Twin of your current or planned network in a secure private cloud environment. This Digital Twin allows you to simulate and benchmark a comprehensive set of business process activities in a virtual environment.

The Digital Twin provides a foundation built to emulate an optical network, using the same network element software running in the real network, only hosted on a digital environment.  This is the same capability that our development and service delivery teams have been using and benefiting from for many years, now placed in your hands to recognize the same value.  

You can benefit from these capabilities to optimize your production network, train your teams quickly to ready your network with the latest technology to boost your business or conduct what-if analysis to expose areas of potential risks with your current deployed network architecture.  Be proactive and test your new designs while also leveraging the simulated network to streamline your business processes. Use the Digital Twin emulation environment to connect with WaveSuite and integrate directly with your OSS/BSS platforms.

Simulate, observe, and act on your network using Digital Twin.

Illustration of open networks mirrored with digital twins

Optical Transport Digital Twin

A complete services portfolio to address your unique needs

In addition to Optical Professional Services, we offer you a comprehensive suite of network lifecycle services that features:

  • Maintenance and care services, including troubleshooting, repair or exchange, and issue resolution
  • Learning services, including training and certification for our IP and optical products and solutions
  • Deployment services, including site selection, installation, commissioning and decommissioning

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