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PSE-6s: A new frontier in scale, performance and sustainability


How to address the scale and sustainability needs of tomorrow’s networks

Nokia’s sixth generation of super-coherent Photonic Service Engines (PSE-6s) opens a new frontier in scalable, high-performance and power-efficient optical networking.  

The PSE-6s delivers the solution needed by network operators across a wide range of optical network applications., enabling operationally simple upgrades to Nokia’s transponder, compact modular and packet-optical switching (P-OTN) platforms.

The new PSE-6 super-coherent optics (PSE-6s) helps optical network operators simultaneously address multiple network evolution challenges:

Ultimate scale

Increase network scale

As further increases in total fiber capacity and spectral efficiency are limited by the Shannon Limit, network operators must be able to add more network capacity with fewer coherent interfaces to lower network TCO.


Optimize performance for new high-speed services

Network operators require significant improvements in capacity and reach performance to efficiently transport high-speed services such as 400GE and 800GE across metro, long-haul and subsea networks.

Sustainable growth

Ensure sustainable growth

With global energy supply challenges and escalating energy costs, network operators must support growing bandwidth demand while also reducing network power consumption. 

PSE-6 super-coherent optics opens a new frontier in network scale, performance and sustainability

The PSE-6 Super-Coherent (PSE-6s) optical engine leverages Nokia’s latest advances in coherent modem technology, optical engine performance, and opto-electronic module integration.  PSE-6s enables network operators  to increase network scale, maximize capacity and reach performance over challenging regional, long-haul and subsea applications, while reducing power per bit and total network power consumption.

The PSE-6s operates at speeds of 130 GBaud and higher, optimized for use in 150GHz WDM channel spacings. The PSE-6s continues to push the performance of high-performance coherent modem technology even further, implementing the industry’s only third-generation probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS). It supports both shaped 16QAM and 64QAM modulation, continuously adjustable baud rate and forward error correction (FEC) gain, which are jointly optimized with the PCS shaping gain. This allows the PSE-6s to operate at speeds up to 1.2Tb/s per wavelength and deliver the highest capacity and transmission performance available in real-world networks.

The PSE-6s digital signal processor (DSP)  is tightly integrated with Nokia CSTAR silicon photonics in a multi-chip module (MCM) to optimize signal integrity and performance.  The MCM is combined with optical amplification and control electronics into a digital coherent optic (DCO) transceiver for use in embedded and pluggable optical transport applications.


Nokia PSE-6s: new frontiers in scale

super coherent

Increase network scale

The Nokia PSE-6s ushers in a new frontier in optical transport network evolution, enabling massive network scale. Implemented in a multi-channel linecard, PSE-6s technology delivers the industry’s first 2.4Tb/s coherent transport solution, enabling network operators to scale transport capacity to unprecedented levels across metro, long-haul and subsea networks. By allowing up to 6 x 400GE or 3 x 800GE services to be connected over a single linecard, PSE-6s delivers up to 3x more capacity per linecard for metro and data center interconnect (DCI) applications, while also being ready to support even faster future client interface rates.


Optimize performance for new high-speed services

With the performance of 130GBaud coherent technology, the PSE-6s sets new benchmarks in capacity and reach performance to enable the transport of 800GE services over a single wavelength over three times the distance of previous coherent solutions. This enables 800G transport over any distance, including long-haul networks of over 2000 kms, as well as 800G transport across trans-oceanic cables.  It reduces the number of coherent optics needed in typical network applications by 50% or more, allowing network operators to reduce CapEx and overall TCO.


Ensure sustainable network growth

The PSE-6s enables greener and more sustainable networks with better power efficiency. Leveraging the latest 5-nm DSP silicon integrated circuits and tightly integrating with silicon photonics, the PSE-6s reduces the power per bit by 40% versus today’s coherent solutions. Combined with the performance of the PSE-6s, this allows more capacity to be deployed using fewer numbers of coherent optics. Network operators can reduce network power consumption by 60% or more in typical network applications.


The PSE-6s is optimized for use over point-to-point DCI networks, as well as highly flexible CDC-F wavelength switched networks, simplifying wavelength planning for existing WDM channel plans based on n x 50GHz spectrum allocation.  

The PSE-6s can be deployed into a wide range of existing optical transport platforms including the Nokia 1830 PSI-M compact modular transponder platform, the Nokia 1830 PSS-16 integrated WDM/transponder platform, and the Nokia 1830 PSS-24x P-OTN switching platform.  This provides network operators the ability to upgrade existing networks without the operational complexity of introducing new platforms and new management integration.

Ensure sustainable network growth

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