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Altiplano access controller

Transition to a software-defined access network at your own pace

As fixed network operators begin to transition to the cloud, networks will spend a considerable period of time in a hybrid physical/virtual state. The operational efficiencies promised by SDN/NFV will not be realized without a software platform able to master this hybrid environment.

The Nokia Altiplano Access Controller is the domain controller for access, providing unified access management and integrated network automation across a multi-vendor, multi-technology environment. Leveraging intent-based policies and validated blueprints, this approach drives better business outcomes with self-aware capabilities that continuously monitor and self-adjust to maintain the intended network state.

The Altiplano Access Controller represents the next-generation of fixed access management solutions. It is designed for the SDN/NFV space and leverages modern cloud platforms to simplify IT and OSS integration.

The virtualized access platform has a modular software architecture which operates in an open and disaggregated way. This delivers full flexibility and programmability to control access networks from the cloud and enables service providers to build a zero-touch network that is truly always-on, with full-time availability for all functions and services that the network needs to provide.



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