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NetGuard virtual firewall

Implement virtual security across multiple use cases

The Nokia NetGuard Virtual Firewall (VFW) is our telecom-graded virtualized firewall with support for both VMware vSphere and K virtual machine (KVM).

With its multi-core architecture and ability to use the latest technologies from Intel®, NetGuard VFW delivers extreme performance, making it the fastest virtual security gateway on the market today.

The power of virtualization enables the NetGuard VFW to be used in a wide range of deployment scenarios―centralized on dedicated hardware resources, as well as in distributed edge cloud applications where it coexists with other virtual machines on shared hardware resources.

• Scalable firewall performance for virtual security solutions
• NFV/SDN-ready for accelerated deployment and management
• Supports Intel SR-IOV for optimal performance Product overview

High-performance and a feature set tailored for telecom scenarios make the NetGuard VFW ideal for a wide range of use cases. These cases include:

Centralized security system in Evolved Packet Core (vEPC or EPC)

Replace proprietary hardware with COTS systems.

Virtualized data center firewall

Run one or several NetGuard VFWs on shared data center virtualized infrastructures.

Secure VNF in telco clouds

Run NetGuard VFW to control inter-virtualized network function (VNF) traffic in cloud environments and separate the cloud into security zones.

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