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Is your network ready for real-time healthcare?

Start delivering adaptive, aware, patient-centric healthcare with cloud-based networking that simply scales

7 early-warning signs in your healthcare network

Do you have any of these symptoms?

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Real-time healthcare is coming

Ready to nail automation

Achieve an automatically provisioned ‘network as a service’ approach with ease and excellence built in including automating in-line security to mitigate DDoS risks.

Read the network playbook

Ready to respond

Make infrastructure and networks more adaptable, aware, and responsive to what your healthcare system and physicians need using unified configuration management tools.

Ready for uptime

Ensure big bandwidth for big data with simple security and scale across your diverse applications and services as workloads grow, so the network is always available to support critical care.

Ready to seamlessly interconnect

Connect hundreds of sites, thousands of devices and multiple data silos by reinventing network infrastructure with agile, cloud-based private networks.

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Ready to drive revenue

Drive lucrative payments and revenue streams by enabling a new generation of real-time, value-based, competitive healthcare services.

Ready to affordably scale

Orchestrate resources across public and private cloud boundaries with dynamic provisioning and insight-driven, network-based security, supporting always-on IT.

Ready to improve clinical outcomes

Integrate all the data streams coming from content sources across your healthcare environment to deliver insight-rich, real-time decision-making.

Read the new CMO/CMIO primer

Ready for increased patient focus

Free medical teams from dealing with difficult processes and poorly integrated tools with next generation IT infrastructure that delivers value-based care services that improve the patient experience and physician retention.

Ready to cut costs

Manage cost pressures and broker the relationship and competing needs of your physicians and CEO as you work to build an infrastructure fit for the future.

Transforming your network

See how Senior VP of Enterprise Infrastructure, Chris Carmody, delivers always-on infrastructure and real-time services enabling doctors to advance patient care.


Discover how UPMC readied its network for the future

Networking success with SD-WAN

Principal Network Architect, Dan Snyder, gets inside the challenges and benefits of automating network architecture across the UPMC healthcare environment.


Learn more about SDN and SD-WAN solutions

Remote radiology ensures affordable 24/7 cover

One senior radiologist at UPMC explains how remote radiology is transforming health, cost and talent outcomes.


Realize a better way to connect remote radiologists

"Our network is the most critical, most important layer of our technology. It's how we share, communicate, and collaborate. We needed high availability, resilience, and reliability - collaborating with Nokia enabled UPMC to deliver on these goals, furthering patient care."

Chris Carmody
Chris Carmody / Senior Vice President of Infrastructure, UPMC

Products and solutions

IP networks

Combine massive capacity with tremendous capability to build more scalable, secure, and adaptive IP networks

Optical networks

Deliver business-driven bandwidth with our optical portfolio that provides scalability, efficiency, and flexibility

Software-defined networking

Virtualize and automate your data center network infrastructure with Virtualized Cloud Services™ to deliver cloud applications to your customers with agility and flexibility

Software-defined WAN

Virtualize and automate your clinics or remote locations network with Virtualized Network Services™ to deliver services where, when, and as needed, over any network, cloud, and form-factor

Private LTE

Overcome the challenges of WiFi networks in large facilities and healthcare campus environments. Connect the growing population of medical devices and enable up-to-date real-time analysis of patient information, diagnostics and treatments

Digital Automation Cloud

Improve productivity and gain better insight from your connected healthcare system easily and securely. This end-to-end, high-performance private wireless network solution allows you to benefit from real-time critical applications and local edge computing

Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio

Choose from a portfolio of solutions, products, and services that address healthcare operational needs and unleash the full potential of the IoT


Deploy effective, multilayered network security in cloud and hybrid network topologies with Nokia NetGuard Network Security and protect your network assets and operations from a wide range of threats

Virtualized Security Services

Use the power of software-defined networking to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents across the WAN, datacenter and cloud

Session Border Controller (SBC)

Secure IP voice and video traffic that crosses the boundaries of your enterprise network with our SBC

More products & solutions

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