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Get the security, reliability and performance you need

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With software-based SBC, DRA and AAA

Networks have never had to be so dynamic. There’s more traffic, more diversity and more people connecting with more devices than ever before. Managing all of that with traditional session border controllers (SBC), authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) servers and Diameter routing hardware can be enormously complex — raising concerns about security, reliability and performance. Our software-based Secure Service Enablement package changes that.


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Create a simpler, secure, more agile network

How virtualization and a software-based approach to SBC, DRA and AAA can help

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Our software-based Session Border Controller (SBC), Cloud Signaling Director (CSD) and Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) provide the features, functionality and services you need to evolve your network cost-effectively.
You can migrate all three at once or proceed incrementally, starting with your immediate priorities.

Conquer complexity

With virtualized functions reducing the number of network elements you have to manage — and with common software making that management simple and streamlined — Secure Service Enablement simplifies your network and keeps traffic moving.

Deliver performance

The technologies in our Secure Service Enablement package ensure reliable connections, improve interoperability and increase the resilience of your network, even in the middle of a registration storm or malicious attack.

Scale as you need to

Virtualization lets you adapt your network fluidly as conditions and requirements change, ensuring you always keep up with demand.

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