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Secure Service Enablement

What is Secure Service Enablement?


What can you do with Secure Service Enablement?


Boost network performance and reliability

  • Manage complexity
    Overcome complexity and congestion to keep traffic moving.
  • Deliver reliability
    Provide a seamless user experience from first connection to the last packet.
  • Scale and streamline
    Integrated network elements mean easier scalability and management.

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Protect your infrastructure from end to end

  • Secure your network from sign-on to sign-off
    More security layer for your network — from credential control to session security to blocking harmful traffic.
  • Control and manage all traffic
    Control any session from traditional voice to VoWiFi and M2M communications.
  • Expose only what you need for roaming
    Control complex roaming agreements by protecting private network info.

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Maximize profitability

  • Earn more and pay less for roaming
    Support the technologies other providers expect and minimize charges when your subscribers go off-network.
  • Reduce customer churn
    Use built-in APIs to rapidly develop and deploy new, integrated services that keep customers coming back.
  • Simplify operations
    Take advantage of common software to streamline network management.

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Gain agility for the future

  • Deploy common software for all your services
    Deploy software-based SBC, AAA and DRA on any commercial, off-the-shelf hardware.
  • Launch new services faster
    Use WebRTC APIs to stay ahead of the curve — and the competition — by launching new services.
  • Evolve how you need to
    Choose the migration path that suits your needs and take advantage with no vendor lock-in and make your network cloud-ready.

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