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Data Center Switching Fabric

Make data center switching and cloud environments easier to scale, adapt and operate

Our Data Center Switching Fabric solution enhances data center design and operations for all cloud builders. Made for webscale companies, service providers and enterprises, this next-generation solution redefines data center fabrics. It provides a modern, open network operating system (NOS) and a declarative, intent-based automation and operations toolkit.

The switch is on to data center networking your way

Watch Basil Alwan introduce the Nokia Data Center Fabric solution and describe how we finally free you to build, scale, and operate data center networks the way that best suits you. See him open the door for you to switch and turn away from being both too locked in, and too locked out by your own network and tools.

An open, extensible and resilient NOS

Nokia Service Router Linux (SR Linux) implements an unmodified Linux® kernel and an open NOS architecture built from the ground up around model-driven management and modern interfaces. It gives you easier and more flexible programmability, deeper visibility and increased control for all applications.

Automation tools for the full data center fabric lifecycle

Our Fabric Services System lets you support intent-based automation at scale for all phases of data center fabric operations. Built on an open Kubernetes foundation, it supports fabric emulation capabilities, certified fabric design and validation, extensive telemetry analytics and seamless integration with existing customer tools and systems.

High-performance hardware platforms

We support the Data Center Switching Fabric solution with a comprehensive portfolio of platforms. Our modular and fixed-configuration platforms deliver the massive scale, aggregation and interconnectivity you need for data center and cloud environments.

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