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Use-cases for Network & Service Operations

Implementations of the Service Portal lower the complexity of network and service operations by providing GUIs with a reduced parameter set and pre-populated defaults that are customized to the operators needs. Service Providers often use the Service Portal to optimize service provisioning, troubleshooting, performance monitoring, SLA control, and network migration.

Network and service assurance

  • Operators can better assure network and services using proactive OA&M testing, monitoring and reporting, as well as real-time troubleshooting tools for the rapid detection and resolution of problems.

    • Views for service health updates and monitoring, service availability and usage reporting, performance and SLA reporting, and access to billing information
    • Real-time troubleshooting views, with access to root-cause analysis tools, and dynamic OA&M test creation and execution

Bulk provisioning, end-to-end service provisioning and configuration

  • Operators can easily make and validate changes, including adding or removing equipment, service architecture changes, bandwidth changes and QoS assignment

    • Transaction rollback of provisioning changes on failure
    • Robust failure recovery that leverages Nokia NSP redundancy options
    • A secure operations environment, leveraging security features of the Nokia NSP so that operations are protected against abuse

Network & Service Transformation and Migration

  • The Service Portal accelerates network and service transformation projects by simplifying migration from third-party to Nokia equipment.

    • Leverage all available network data in the current operational environment required for migration, including data from third-party devices, systems and databases
    • Preserve investments in existing service architectures, processes, systems and workflows-adapting to fit each operators unique environment

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