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Nokia Life Saving Rules

Everyone goes home safely at the end of the day

Nokia Life Saving Rules are our safety guidance to ensure everyone gets home safely, every day. The guidance includes six simple safety rules related to top three risk areas in Nokia: 

  • Road Safety
  • Working at Height
  • Electrical Safety

Everyone working for Nokia, including our subcontractors and suppliers, must follow these rules as an absolute minimum. By following the Life Saving Rules – with no exceptions - you will help us minimize the risk of serious accidents and personal injury.

If you witness any violation of the rules, please stop them immediately and speak up.


Life saving rules

Road Safety

Seatbelt icon

Always wear a seatbelt in ANY vehicle. Required for everyone in the vehicle.

driver icon

Do not drive distracted or tired. Take a break every two hours

Odometer icon

Always drive at a safe speed for road, traffic & weather conditions

Working at Height

Electrical Safety

Life Saving Rules are here to make Nokia safe for everyone

Life Saving Rules are six simple safety rules related to the top three risk areas in Nokia (Working at Height, Road Safety and Electrical Safety), targeting the behaviours that we know, from experience would save lives.  

  • Everyone is responsible for leading with example following, promoting and enabling compliance with the rules.
  • Every Nokia or supplier employee is personally accountable for following the rules and speaking up if a rule is violated.
  • We have a Zero-Tolerance policy for not following the Life Saving Rules, not enabling the rules to be followed, and knowingly permitting breach of the rules.
  • We enforce  the Life Saving Rules by applying a consequence and recognition framework.
  • It’s all about living up to our essentials and acting together to ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day. 

Nokia Life Saving Rules Poster

If you witness any rule being breached, speak up and stop the work! You will be saving someone's life.

If you feel you are being pushed against our rules, we need to know about it to be able to intervene, so make sure you raise any issues you may encounter.

Please reach out to your Nokia Health & Safety contact


Life Saving Rules - Nokia's CEO and Leaders messages

Nokia's CEO and Vice Presidents talking about the importance of Nokia Life Saving Rules and the Zero Tolerance policy