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At Nokia we have a deep commitment to the health and safety of our employees and those who work with us. The trainings available provide guidance on how we must operate to meet our standards and to ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Supervisor Training

As a Nokia Supervisor you have a very important job and this training will help you to do that job well. On completion of this training course you will understand what is expected of you as a Nokia supervisor; understand why Nokia non-negotiables and the Life Saving Rules are so important and be given the tools and training to help you ensure that these are followed on site.

Making Tomorrow Safer

This course will help you understand why you need to consider your own safety and that of others in your daily work. To deliver innovative products and services for our customers there are things that some of our colleagues and suppliers must do, that if not managed places them at risk. This may not be something that you directly experience day to day, but it is an inherent part of our business, and decisions that you make may have an impact on other people that you don’t see.

Nokia Supplier Maturity Assessment (SMA)

The Supplier Maturity Assessment (SMA) is Nokia’s method of evaluating suppliers’ understanding of and capability to meet Nokia minimum expectations in relation to the management of high-risk activities. The SMA training materials will explain the controls that all suppliers need to have in place to meet Nokia minimum non-negotiable requirements and the scoring methodology used in the assessment.

Security and privacy awareness training for Nokia Suppliers

Security and Privacy matters relate to the daily tasks of everyone working for Nokia. This awareness training is for all medium and high-risk suppliers. All employees who are processing/handling/working with Nokia information are expected to follow best practices during information management and are recommended to follow personal and company guidelines covered in the training materials.

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