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Our strategy

In 2021, Nokia set out its strategy to deliver sustainable, profitable growth by becoming a B2B technology innovation leader, accompanied by a new purpose and operating model. We set out actions to reset, accelerate, and then scale our business to lead in a world where widespread digitalization is gathering speed.

And as enterprises, webscalers and governments digitalize, they increasingly need the essential networking technology Nokia provides to succeed. Networks are critical to unlocking the enormous opportunities across industrial, enterprise and consumer spheres, as we outlined in our Technology Vision 2030.

As we move from the 5G era towards 5G-Advanced and 6G, the underlying networks will need to evolve. The networks of the next decade will need to meet the demands of fully immersive augmented and virtual reality, digital twins, and biosensors. These technologies will in turn unleash the full promise of the consumer, enterprise and industrial metaverses, which until now have only shown a glimpse of their potential. They will pave the way for true extended reality (XR) experiences, which will eventually lead to the merging of the physical and digital worlds and the enhancement of humans.

Early metaverse applications are already visible in industries which use digital twins, where significant uplifts in productivity, sustainability and worker safety have been achieved. We have helped to pioneer these advances by collaborating with customers and partners.

The successful and rapid deployment of these technologies will require a fundamental shift in connectivity. 

We are embracing this opportunity to pioneer the next evolution of networking, where networks meet cloud.

Our strategy

Networks are the key enabler for the digitalization of industries and the realization of the broader potential of the metaverse. As a result, we see opportunity to grow our business, expand into adjacencies and transform our business model.

To reinforce our position as a leader and enabler of digitalization, we are confidently asserting the value we bring:

Networking expertise

We know that accelerating the digital transformation of every industry will be critical to unlocking massive gains in sustainability, productivity, and accessibility – our networking expertise is increasingly valuable to customers and partners as they seek to maximize their growth.

Technology leadership

We are specialists in the technology we deliver – with a laser- focus on delivering a best-of-breed technology portfolio. 


Pioneering innovation

Innovation runs through our business – across our evolving portfolio, in the disruptive research and game-changing programs at Nokia Bell Labs, in our work to build the device and application ecosystems needed for digitalization, and through our innovation programs where we bring emerging technology to life alongside our partners.

Collaborative advantage

Collaboration is in our DNA, and we are valued for the trusted relationships we build with our customers. Today, we are going further: we know that realizing the potential of digital cannot be achieved alone, so we are focused on bringing the right partners and technologies together to create the digital services and applications of the future.

Our strategy consists of six pillars – key objectives that will define our success – and four enablers to help us get there.


The six pillars are:

The six pillars are underpinned by four enablers: