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Air-to-Ground Network solution for airlines

In-flight high-speed connectivity delivering broadband services for improved operations and a better onboard experience


We live in a connected world with high-speed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi almost everywhere, so it’s only natural to expect that same level of connectivity on airplanes. But delivering robust in-flight connectivity has been challenging and expensive for airlines. 

The satellite communications systems airlines currently rely on for in-flight connectivity are costly, bulky and have limited capacity and high latency. 

The Nokia Air-to-Ground (A2G) Network solution eliminates all of the issues with satellite communications services to bring a true, home-like broadband experience to airplanes. Using a high speed 4G connection from aircraft to ground, passengers can experience high-quality WiFi on board for a better experience compared to traditional satellite services. In addition to passenger connectivity, also the airline crew will benefit from these high speed internet services.

  • The cellular-based solution creates a direct link between the aircraft and the ground, eliminating the delay with satellite communications 
  • The on-board antenna is lightweight to reduce fuel consumption, and the entire solution can be installed in a single maintenance window
  • Network capacity can be easily upgraded compared to traditional satellite services

Use cases

The Nokia Air-to-Ground Network solution gives airlines in-flight wireless connectivity that benefits everyone on board.

Offer passengers affordable, high-speed internet access

Let passengers use their own devices to access all internet services:

  • Email and social media
  • Video streaming and live TV
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Cloud-based apps
  • Travel, hospitality and rental services

Improve cabin services

  • Process credit card transactions
  • Offer appealing infotainment services
  • Offer online duty-free shopping experiences
  • Provide real-time information about connecting flights
  • Give details about onboard food and beverage services

Optimize airline operations

  • Add real-time monitoring and video surveillance to the aircraft
  • Load data for on-board entertainment systems during flights

Enhance the pilot experience

  • Access real-time planning information
  • Access real-time information from the electronic flight bag

Benefits and features

With the Nokia Air-to-Ground Network solution, airlines can achieve their operational and business goals:

Improve the passenger experience with a high-speed, low-latency in-flight service that provides the same quality of experience passengers enjoy at home

Reduce equipment and fuel costs with in-flight network equipment that’s simpler, lighter and less expensive than satellite-based solutions

Accelerate data transfers with an in-flight network that lets you access entertainment content and real-time flight data over a high-speed broadband connection 

Simplify maintenance tasks with an in-flight network that provides real-time data that helps maintenance crews identify and resolve issues faster

Increase flexibility with a scalable, high-capacity in-flight network that lets you offer appealing and helpful new applications and services when you’re ready

Nokia Air-to-Ground Network solution in action

The International Airlines Group (IAG) in Europe is operating an integrated air-to-ground and satellite network—European Aviation Network (EAN)— with throughput in excess of 75 Mbps, with services launched and operational since  2017.

The EAN solution combines network resources from Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat, and is powered by technologies from Nokia and Thales for Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) S-band frequencies.


European aviation network

EAN is the first integrated S-band satellite and complementary LTE mobile terrestrial network bringing high-speed Internet to European air travelers.

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