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Broadband for the future now

Create a future-proof broadband network that connects more people, more quickly, and more profitably than ever before

Take control of your broadband future

Delivering better broadband to more people, more quickly, is more important than ever before. Your broadband network is vital for social and economic wellbeing, for the sustainability of our planet, and to unlock the promises of Industry 4.0, IoT, and future waves of innovation. You can’t just keep up; you need to keep ahead.  

Nokia can help you meet your connectivity commitments and seize broadband opportunities sustainably and profitably. GPON, XGS-PON and 25G PON fiber with ultra fast broadband and every corner of the home for the ultimate customer experience. Software-defined access networking (SDAN), virtualization, and automation mean you can master complexity and accelerate innovation. And with Nokia Professional and Care Services, you can move faster, be more efficient, and keep your broadband network up and running when it matters most.

Find out how to take control of your broadband future now. 

broadband for the future now

Broadband for the future now

Fiber for Everything

Fiber is the fastest, greenest, and most widely deployed broadband technology. And it keeps getting better.

The advances in fiber performance mean fiber broadband can do more than just fiber-to-the-home. Fiber is everywhere, so it can be used to connect everything: homes, businesses, industry 4.0, smart cities, and 5G cells. All on the same fiber infrastructure.

Fiber for Everything means operators can deliver all their services on a single, high performance fiber network, generating more revenues, introducing 5G small cells more quickly, reducing power consumption, and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Welcome to the Fiber for Everything future.

Fiber for everything

Fiber for Everything

The journey to fabulous connectivity

It's been a year since the amazing transformation from Slowdonia to Speedonia. Discover how Speedonia was able to connect everyone everywhere, unlock new revenue streams and connect every device.

How did it all happen?


Create an inclusive broadband world

Our innovative fixed access technologies and services help you overcome connectivity obstacles and enable a sustainable gigabit future for all.


Seize new market opportunities fast

Our software-defined access solutions effectively serve consumers, businesses and enterprises through network slicing, automation, and intelligence.


Seamlessly connect every device to your network    

Our WiFi mesh technology provides the best in-home connectivity and broadband experience for consumers and businesses.

Our broadband technology drives the largest and most advanced broadband networks in the world

World class portfolio and expertise

  • Full range of fiber, xDSL, FWA and Wi-Fi technologies provide the right solution for every situation
  • AI/ML based predictive analytics provide best network care
  • Digital deployment and DevOps for delivery speed and quality

Technology innovator  

  • Recognized leader in fiber and copper broadband access innovation
  • World’s first 25G PON solution
  • Quillion chipset solutions for best-in-class performance, low latency and power efficiency 

SDN/NFV leadership

  • Open collaboration, open initiatives, and open platforms
  • Use-case approach to apply SDAN where it matters
  • Gradual transition provides safest journey and secures network investments

Market leader

  • Number 1 in FWA, 10G PON (XGS) and number 2 in fiber OLT/ONT
  • 270+ fiber customers
  • 250+ SDAN-ready deployments
  • 100+ Wi-Fi deployments
  • 70+ broadband transformation projects
  • 45+ FWA customers

The history of broadband’s future

From the birth of broadband to the world’s first demo of 100G PON, we’ve led the way in delivering broadband for the future, now.

Innovative solutions and services for broadband access networks


Accelerate into gigabit broadband

Fiber is the foundation of a sustainable gigabit world for all.

  • Fiber access solutions that seamlessly scale with demand
  • Endless number of use cases to help grow your business
  • Bring the power of fiber inside the home with Nokia WiFi
  • Extend fiber everywhere with and FWA


Take your broadband to the cloud

Software-defined access networks speed up innovation cycles and enable programming and automation.

  • Cloud-based software solutions spanning the portfolio
  • Open, flexible and modular to adapt to your needs


Build and operate broadband smarter

Deliver broadband faster with smarter ways of implementing and operating broadband networks

  • Digitalized deployment services for speed and quality
  • AI/ML to predict problems and optimize the network
  • Industrialized, scalable integration and migration methods
  • DevOps practices to deliver new features faster to market


Broadband devices for the best in-home experience

Nokia WiFi mesh technology and Nokia broadband home devices deliver:

  • Wi-Fi for every corner of the home, with the best connectivity guaranteed
  • Business and consumer gateways and routers that enhance the fiber broadband experience 
gigabit your way

Gigabit your way

Forge your own path to gigabit broadband

It’s easier and cheaper than ever before to deliver gigabit services. The rewards are high, too: increased ARPU and a competitive advantage for the first operator to bring gigabit broadband to an area.

But established operators, alternative challengers, network investors, wholesalers, and community broadband builders all have different needs. We understand that. And because we support every broadband technology in every type of network, we won’t force you down a path that isn’t right for you. Whether you need fiber-to-the-premises,, FWA or a combination, the only right way to deliver gigabit services is your way. And only Nokia has the solutions, services and know-how to help.

Our fixed network technologies make the news

Press Release

Nokia reaches 100 customers for its Quillion-based fixed broadband solutions

Nokia has reached the 100-customer milestone for the Quillion chipset-based broadband solutions used in next-generation fiber and copper telecommunication networks. Quillion…

Press Release
nokia and proximus event

Nokia and Proximus deploy world’s fastest live fiber network

Nokia and Proximus turned on the world’s fastest fiber access network, based on 25G PON, operating over existing fiber and Nokia equipment deployed in the Proximus network.

Press Release

Nokia helps broadband builders to accelerate into the cloud era with Altiplano platform

Nokia has enhanced its Altiplano cloud platform by launching Cloud Acceleration Services to accelerate Software Defined Network (SDN) success for broadband builders and…

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people working

Nokia and Vodafone showcase record-breaking 100 gigabit fiber broadband

Nokia and Vodafone have announced the successful trial of a new Passive Optical Network (PON) technology capable of delivering speeds up to 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) on a…

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delta fiber

Nokia to supply DELTA Fiber for 10 Gb/s fiber network in the Netherlands

Nokia will supply DELTA Fiber Netherlands with network and customer premises equipment to offer 10 Gb/s broadband, future-proofed for upgrade to 25 Gb/s.

Press Release

Openreach and Nokia test 25G PON fiber broadband technology

Openreach and Nokia have conducted the UK’s first ever tests of a new ‘Full Fibre’ technology, which could deliver ultra-reliable broadband services that are ten times faster…

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