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Take your broadband network into the cloud

Streamline operations, shorten time to revenue and make smarter decisions

Redefine the telecom central office with virtualized access network functions

Over the years, broadband networks have become multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-headache environments. This increasing complexity has slowed operations and increased costs, with an unavoidable effect on the service you provide customers.
The move to SDN and cloud is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to solve these headaches, boosting competitiveness with new levels of operational efficiency and agility. With software-defined access networks, you can:

  • Streamline operations
  • Bring new features and services to market faster 
  • Enhance your competitiveness 
  • Virtualize where it matters

But while the benefits are revolutionary, your path toward a software-defined access network (SDAN) can be evolutionary. Nokia enables you to smoothly automate and evolve, preserving the value of your existing network while incrementally adding new value. There’s never been a better time to take your broadband network into the cloud.

Automated operations

  • Gain operational efficiency with software-defined networks 
  • Save 25-40% OPEX on FCAPS tasks  
  • Leverage a unique portfolio in cloud, SDN/NFV and network automation

Open and multi-vendor

  • Committed to open initiatives and standardization bodies
  • Mix and match best-in-class apps and Connected Partners
  • Innovation at all layers via open APIs and DevPortal

Fast innovation

  • Cloud-native network functions built and optimized for the cloud
  • Introduce new features, services, technologies and releases faster
  • Easy to plug in your OSS and IT systems

Incremental deployment

  • Seamless transition path to gradually adopt SDAN
  • Combine next-gen SDN and traditional access 
  • Deploy SDAN your way and get to market faster than competition


Advance into the cloud era with software-defined access

You need to find ways to simplify your network, operations support systems and processes, so that you can gain operational efficiency, improve agility and keep costs in check. Nokia’s answer to this challenge is the software-defined access network (SDAN), which helps eliminate the operational barriers between IT and access.

fixed networks automation

Fixed networks automation

Automation helps deal with increased options, technologies, parameters, and dimensions now needed to optimize a broadband network. As networks get redefined by software, Nokia is also uniquely positioned to help you pursue the goal of fully autonomous data-driven networks.

White paper: Automation and AI/ML in Fixed Networks

network sharing

Network sharing and slicing

SDAN has introduced a powerful and versatile way to create open access networks. Take a fresh look at your operating models and partition the access network into virtual network slices, commercialized through flexible network-as-a-service (NaaS) consumption models.

Fixed access network slicing

Programming broadband networks without an IT degree

Altiplano Developer Portal

The Altiplano Developer Portal features tools, code samples, Gitlab pipeline and resources that allow developers to easily extend the out-of-the-box functionality. The SDK and APIs expose a complete set of programming capabilities to easily integrate and fully control device and application connectivity.

Altiplano Developer Portal

OSS Connected Partner Program

Under the Connected Partner Program, best in class independent software vendors work closely with Nokia to proactively integrate their OSS applications and share expertise on how to maintain interoperability with our fixed networks solutions.

OSS Connected Partner Program

Cloud Acceleration Services

Cloud Acceleration Services help you deploy and operate end-to-end SDN-enabled broadband networks and use cases quickly and efficiently. Covering multivendor, multi-technology and hybrid virtual-traditional networks, our services are underpinned by automation, analytics, and both local and centralized expertise.

Cloud acceleration services

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