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Oil and gas

Digitalizing the oil and gas value chain

Oil and gas (O&G)  companies are under pressure to respond to market volatility, changing business conditions and tougher environmental regulations by working more efficiently, responsibly and sustainably. To succeed — and even expand into the renewable energy market — they need to digitalize, automate and optimize their operations.

Business drivers for digital transformation of oil and gas

Digital transformation and automation can deliver significant rewards for companies across the O&G value chain. Advances in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented and virtual reality make it possible to improve decision making, drive autonomous operations, track assets and monitor processes to ensure safe conditions.  Nokia critical communications solutions enable O&G companies to digitalize and automate their operations and prepare for the future. Our solutions accelerate their Industry 4.0 journey and help them transform their businesses.

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Digitalizing oil and gas for a sustainable future

Digitalizing the oil and gas value chain for a sustainable future

Power your critical communications with a service-aware network

Legacy networks were not designed to support the high volumes of real-time data generated by IoT systems with a high quality of service (QoS). Much of the equipment in these networks is nearing or past end-of-life. It’s time to bring digital technologies to O&G fields and refineries.

Our converged critical communications and field automation network (FAN) solution provides the foundation for your digital transformation with:  

  • Robust and predictable 4.9G and 5G private wireless communication to support a broad range of use cases at various operation sites and across the entire value chain – offshore and onshore, upstream, midstream and downstream
  • Multiservice capability to provide converged communications for real-time data, voice, video and IoT applications
  • Robust, cost-effective, everywhere broadband wireless connectivity
  • Deterministic QoS capability and traffic prioritization (also known as ‘service-awareness’) and end-to-end redundancy protection to assure delivery of traffic for critical applications such as automation
  • High scalability and flexible service capability to optimize sensor networks and IIoT applications
  • Simplified end-to-end network management
  • Full interoperability with legacy networks, applications and devices, including SCADA, TETRA and P25

Critical communications for oil and gas


Nokia solving tomorrow’s communication challenges today in Energy - Oil and Gas

Explore E&P use cases enabled by Nokia critical communications

Our critical communications solutions provide a robust, flexible and predictable network infrastructure that can support a variety of exploration and production (E&P) applications.

  • Search and prospection: Set up a portable LTE configuration in minutes to provide high-bandwidth mobile connectivity for sensors, field workers and drones in even the most remote locales.
  • Drilling and extraction: Supplement automation by enabling personnel to monitor automated processes and operate machinery at a distance using virtual telepresence.
  • Inspecting facilities: Use robots and drones to remotely inspect offshore sites, pipelines, storage tanks, platform parts, areas subject to corrosion, and complex or hazardous access points.
  • Situational awareness and worker safety: Improve safety, sustainability and security with smart personal protective equipment (PPE), environmental sensors, video monitoring and geo-fencing services.
  • Mission-critical voice and video communications: Keep workers safe and connected using advanced push-to-talk (PTT) and push-to-video (PTV) services with features such as a panic button.
  • Predictive maintenance using IoT and analytics: Leverage pervasive wireless coverage to collect data from IoT sensors to feed asset management and advanced data analytics applications.
  • Digital twins and AR/VR: Maintain an up-to-date digital model of the physical environment using data from sensors, cameras, drones and location-aware mobile devices. AR/VR systems and applications can then use this model to provide staff with real-time information, scenario simulations and instructions.
Oil and gas infographic

Digitalizing the Oil & Gas value chain with Nokia critical communications solutions

Bring automation to refineries and processing plants

The midstream sector can use digital transformation to optimize processes and squeeze more productivity from existing assets. Wireless connectivity is essential for digital use cases such as process and workflow automation, discovering and mitigating the impact of abnormal events, real-time supply and production chain optimization, improving asset utilization and reliability, reducing energy consumption, and reducing exposure to personnel safety and chemical hazards.

Cellular wireless networks overcome the connectivity challenges presented by refineries and processing plants that feature distributed and heterogeneous site landscapes, and obstructions such as metal piping and storage tanks. They make it easy for you to cover obstructed areas, deal with Fresnel zones and mitigate signal reflection.

Use one wireless network for all your
Industry 4.0 applications

4G/LTE cellular networks have all the features and characteristics that the vast majority of business- and mission-critical O&G applications require. And 5G is just around the corner. With our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution, you can meet the needs of all your Industry 4.0 applications with one infrastructure that enables fast, reliable and secure data, low-latency remote control, mission-critical PTT and PTV communications, real-time video transmission and IoT applications.

Our private LTE solution is so close to 5G that we call it 4.9G/LTE. More than 90 percent of industrial use cases can run on 4.9G – and the upgrade to 5G is straightforward.

To date, more than 340 customers from different industries have deployed Nokia private wireless solutions.

White paper

Building a converged oil and gas field automation network

Get ready for industrial-grade 5G  

5G will add even more capabilities, providing the massive scalability you need to connect all your people and critical applications across the value chain. Combining ultra-reliability and security with even higher bandwidth and lower latency, it opens the door to use cases such as high-definition video services and real-time remote control of robots and drones.

5G communications for oil and gas operations


Powering the 5G Transformation

Ruggedized devices for working in extreme conditions

When your workers operate in challenging environments, you need devices and applications that will ensure that they stay connected, safe and informed.  

The Nokia Industrial user equipment portfolio addresses these needs with rugged handhelds and workpads, routers, dongles, hotspots, accessories and a reliable group communication application. The portfolio is verified and integrated with our private wireless solutions to ensure high performance.


Nokia Industrial user equipment

Accelerate the energy transition

O&G companies are decarbonizing and defossilizing their businesses to accelerate the energy transition and help meet climate targets. Many are investing in sustainable energy sources such as biofuels, solar panels, wind turbines and energy efficiency technologies.  

Our critical communication solutions provide the reliable, cost-effective wireless infrastructure you need to realize your sustainability ambitions. They can keep everything from vessels to workers, sensors and operations centers connected and enable use cases that will help you become a sustainable and responsible energy innovator. 

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    Modular Private Wireless

    Our 5G-ready Modular Private Wireless (MPW) solution enables you to build private 4.9G/LTE networks for small to very large industrial sites and field area networks. It includes indoor and outdoor solutions that let you meet the connectivity and application demands of your Industry 4.0 strategy.

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    Nokia Digital Automation Cloud

    Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless networking and edge computing platform. Offered as a service, it lets you combine plug-and-play 4.9G and 5G networking with on-premises data management and processing to support real-time applications for smart mining, predictive maintenance and remote operations.

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    Nokia Industrial user equipment

    Our portfolio of ruggedized industrial devices includes compact handhelds, workpads, routers, dongles, hotspots and accessories. Your devices come verified, tested and integrated with your LTE or 5G private wireless network for guaranteed high performance.

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    Mission-critical WAN for Industries

    Our mission-critical WAN solution combines the best of IP/MPLS, optical and microwave radio technologies. It can help you reduce OPEX, preserve the integrity of your legacy communications applications and support new applications by converging all application traffic on one network that provides assured QoS and advanced security.

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    Virtualized Network Services

    Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) delivers SD-WAN 2.0 functionality that lets you transcend connectivity to securely program the consumption of virtualized services across the entire network.

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    Cyber security

    Our end-to-end security products portfolio includes our Security Gateway, Virtualized Security Services and DDoS Deepfield Defender, as well as our full NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations suite. We complement our portfolio with extensive experience with large networks, comprehensive professional security services and state-of-the-art security consulting services from Nokia Bell Labs.

How Nokia accelerates your Energy 4.0 journey

With a broad communications product portfolio that spans IP/MPLS, LTE/4G/5G, packet microwave, packet optical transport and cyber security, we have the unique capability and flexibility to help natural resource companies transform their networks. We complement our portfolio with a full suite of professional services, including audit, RF design and engineering practices. With our help, you can transform and automate your operations and prepare for the Energy 4.0 future.

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