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Life happens in digital time – make every moment matter

Today, customers expect digital services to work flawlessly and instantly.

Any reason to contact your customer care team has the potential to win or lose customers and revenue opportunities.

Connect intelligence from the network and business to deliver great experiences

We connect people, machines and data intelligently. This enables you to predict customer behaviors, personalize experiences and act in digital time. For your customers, it creates time for what matters most – like an uninterrupted family movie night with pizza.


Always-on intelligence

Clever automation software is constantly checking connectivity and resolving issues automatically before the customer gets in touch. This can radically reduce contact center requests and truck rolls.

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See. Analyze. Automate.

Network performance software analyzes service, device and network data to gain insights and predict customer issues. It suggests next best actions and analytics-driven machine learning reduces outages, customer calls and handling times.

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Simpler, smarter, smoother experiences

If a customer exceeds their bandwidth or is constantly on the limit, artificial intelligence can analyze and suggest different bundle options. It can even discover hidden problems and suggest solutions, like a movie package instead of individual purchasing. The result is a smoother customer experience and a smarter way to generate untapped revenue. It’s that simple.

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Game-changing personalization

Nokia, combined with Salesforce analytics, can look across the entire customer lifecycle to suggest the best possible offers based upon customer, network and device insights. This maximizes revenue with personalized, contextual offers delivered directly through the service channel.

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