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7750 SR-s

Deliver capacity and capability without compromising performance

Increase capacity and density

Keep pace with new traffic demands with the industry’s highest density IP routing platform. Our 7750 SR-s routers are powered by our groundbreaking Nokia FP4 IP routing silicon. The new 7750 SR-s platform supports a 144 Tb/s configuration, in a system designed to scale to 288 Tb/s and will support up to 144 terabit links, 288 400GE ports, or 1,440 100GE ports.

Control costs and protect investments

Keep costs in check and future-proof your investments with a routing platform that features unique design innovations:

  • Front-to-back cooling with orthogonal direct connect architecture eliminates the need for a backplane and significantly improves cooling
  • A decoupled power subsystem design maximizes flexibility
  • Faraday cage design provides enhanced electromagnetic interference protection when supporting higher and higher speeds
  • Programmable FP4 silicon and common Service Router Operating System (SR OS) ensure hardware longevity and software extensibility

Deliver the highest quality of experience

Deploy IP routers that increase customer satisfaction. The 7750 SR-s combines deterministic performance with comprehensive capabilities and high availability features which let you deliver the best possible quality of experience (QoE).

Boost network security

Use your network to guard against threats. Enhanced packet intelligence and control technology embedded within the 7750 SR-s combines with our Network Services Platform (NSP) and Deepfield Singularity big data engine to enable network-integrated DDoS threat mitigation.

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