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Community Hosted Network

Connect the unconnected: deliver mobile broadband to remote locations - cost effectively


Nokia offers a unique new way to cut the high expense of providing mobile connectivity in rural and remote areas. So service providers can finally reach out to the billions of potential customers who are still unable to connect to the internet - and meet their mobile broadband needs.


Expand your customer base by empowering the community

Our ground-breaking Nokia community hosted network uses simple, innovative tools to address the familiar challenges of service delivery. And that allows communities that want access to mobile broadband connectivity to host, set up and monitor the service themselves. For example, remote communities worldwide can:

  • Set up a small, zero touch base station - then establish service within 15 minutes
  • Use any type of available public internet connection as backhaul, including fiber and microwave - or rely on satellite as a backup option
  • Handle basic site maintenance and monitor base station performance, while relying on automated remote software updates for security and performance upgrades.

With this unique approach, you can provide the mobile broadband connections that remote and rural communities need to join the global digital economy - while you reduce OPEX and CAPEX significantly.


Who can benefit from a community hosted network?

Globally, there are still 4 billion people who cannot connect to the internet. Many of these potential users live in poor or difficult-to-reach areas where it is expensive for operators to expand their networks - and the local communities have no way to build mobile networks by themselves.

Until now, the revenue from providing mobile connectivity to these locations has not been high enough to cover the cost of establishing and maintaining connections. But the Nokia community hosted mobile network solution can transform old cost-revenue calculations. So that service providers can connect the unconnected cost effectively, at last

As a result, remote and rural communities not only gain better ways to get closer to their friends and families. Their lives can also be changed by new connections to health, education and financial services - and new business opportunities.


What's included in the Nokia community hosted network?

Inspired by initiatives like the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), which look for new and better ways to connect the unconnected, Nokia developed a unique, cost-cutting solution. It includes the key elements illustrated in the network architecture below.

  • A zero touch base station provides economical broadband access, along with plug-and-play simplicity for the community host.
  • The Nokia Cloud OSS is crucial for reducing OPEX, because it enables remote management and automated operation of the base station. It also provides an easy-to-use smartphone app that allows the community to monitor their base station and make basic adjustments to improve performance.
  • The base station can link to any available public internet connection for backhaul.
  • The security gateway connects the base station to your core network for subscription management, billing, VoIP support and other functions.

This solution - built on community-based hosting, plug-and-play deployment, and cloud-based management - covers all OPEX and most CAPEX for service providers.

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