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Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS)

Ensure safe, dependable operations with FRMCS based on 5G

Put your railway on the fast track to the FRMCS with our proven 5G solutions, railway communications expertise and Nokia Bell Labs Future X architecture for railways. Our comprehensive approach will help you modernize your GSM-R networks and take your operations into the digital age.

FRMCS will revolutionize railway communications

FRMCS is set to become the global standard for railway communications. This mobile broadband-ready technology will enable you to improve safety and operational efficiency, support innovative passenger services and accelerate your digital transformation, all of which will help you compete for travelers. FRMCS also minimizes network latency and uses cloud technology, which will help you automate train operation and support broadband M2M communication.

5G is a critical enabler for FRMCS

5G can help you get the most from FRMCS migration. It offers high capacity, performance and reliability, along with support for massive MTC and IoT. With FRMCS based on 5G, you can support ultra-reliable, low-latency mission-critical communications. And you can build a platform for innovative applications – from group video calling and automated train control to predictive maintenance and fast on-board Wi-Fi – that will reduce operating costs and enhance the passenger experience.

Future X: The right architecture for 5G FRMCS

Our Future X architecture clears your path to 5G and FRMCS by providing an intelligent and dynamic communications platform that supports all railway systems, processes and activities. It will enable you to create new efficiencies and support new applications by providing secure and reliable connectivity for people, sensors, trains, video monitors and automated train control systems.


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