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Keeping America connected

Through our comprehensive portfolio and investment in the US, we are keeping American businesses and people connected while helping the economy to recover.


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We're building secure networks for America, from America.
Our broad portfolio of products and services affords us a unique perspective on the costs and benefits of government policy initiatives.
A leader in each generation of wireline and wireless communications equipment, we are leading the America to adopt 5G networks that are faster, more secure and capable of revolutionizing lives, economies and societies. We deliver the portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing that is available globally.

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Our customers include communications service providers whose combined networks support 6.1 billion subscriptions, as well as enterprises in the private and public sector that use our network portfolio to increase productivity and enrich people’s lives.
That's why 90% of the US depend on us to stay connected.

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Connecting America: The Service Providers Behind the Scenes

Connecting America: the service providers behind the scenes

Nokia’s US government relations and public affairs team works with members of Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and other federal agencies in Washington D.C. to promote policies that encourage continued innovation and investment in America’s technology and telecommunications industries.

The government relations and public affairs team engages in critical outreach and education in order to build strong relationships and represent the interests of the company at all levels of government.

Watch the video to find out more.


Nokia North America Government Relations and Public Affairs

Innovation hubs

For nearly 100 years, we’ve been inventing the future of technology, from the early days of the Bell Telephone System to the latest 5G standards. We constantly improve, innovate and propel communication forward, solving the challenges of human needs before they exist.

Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs

Murray Hill, New Jersey

Nokia’s new headquarters in Americas is located in the Dallas Cyperss water development. It comprises of our research and development plus corporate functions. Watch the video to learn more.

Our Dallas Technology Center


Our IP/Optical and Software Business centers are located in Silicon Valley, California. In addition, we have presence in multiple U.S. locations.
Click here for the list of our North America offices.

Silicon Valley, California

IP/Optical and Software Business Centers

Silicon Valley, California

Our contribution to spurring economic growth

We contribute financially by partnering with and investing in US-based companies, creating jobs and spurring economic growth. We contribute to infrastructure by powering more than 50% of the telecom fixed broadband lines in the US and providing over 380,000 square miles of wide area networks to US utilities. And we contribute to security by helping protect customers from an onslaught of malware incidents.

Future of education

Education has undergone a transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Forced to move beyond the four walls of the classroom, education went virtual on a large scale. As schools begin to reopen, questions about student preparedness and how to ensure healthy and safe environments abound. This is a tumultuous time, but as we move forward, it is worth thinking about the future of education, what technology could bring us, and how to build learning environments in which all students can reach their full potential. The Hill held a virtual summit to explore where we are and where we need to go in education, convening state and federal policymakers, equity and inclusion advocates, and EdTech experts to visualize the future of education. It also included exclusive interview of Nokia’s Brian Hendricks, VP of Policy and Public Affairs, Nokia America.

According to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), of the 2.1 million current U.S. federal civilian employees, more than one-third are eligible for retirement in the next five years, and only six percent are under 30. The Hill convened with experts for a productive discussion about the current state of federal government and addressed questions including: How do we shape a new era of public service and bring back interest in the U.S. government jobs? In Part Two of the "Rebuilding the Federal Workforce" series, The Hill convened key government leaders, former agency administrators, and private sector experts to explore what tangible steps and practical solutions can and should be put into action to rebuild the civilian federal workforce.Both events included exclusive content from Brian Hendricks, VP of Policy and Public Affairs, Nokia America.

rebuilding the workforce

Listen to the podcast on: Broadband for rural America – now and in the future

The need for broadband in rural America didn’t originate in the pandemic, but it certainly put a spotlight on it. How have these carriers fared, and what’s the impact on their community?

SAC Wireless, a Nokia Company

SAC Wireless

While we keep the current networks in operation, we’re also keeping the nation’s 5G infrastructure buildout on track; 5G will provide faster speeds and more data bandwidth.

On any given day, our service crews scale cell towers that are hundreds of feet tall; we’re also upgrading equipment on rooftops, light poles, overpass signs -- just about anywhere we can improve network signals.

Compelling innovation - with a proud, American heritage

We are making significant investments in technology developments, enabling the US to be a global technology leader.


Brian Hendricks and the Transformative Power of 5G

See how Nokia is helping the 5G Transformation with its new & open architectures.


Threat Intelligence report 2020 - Nokia expert interview

Lead security expert Paul Edwards covers the highlights of the report and discusses key threat trends in 2020

Leading Openness / O-RAN

Nokia is committed to lead an open mobile future with strong network performance and security.

We are enabling a robust 5G ecosystem through our investment in Open RAN and Cloud RAN.

As 5G continues to be rolled out, the industry has begun to explore the potential benefits of an expanded ecosystem of mobile access players in the market. Communications Service Providers (CSPs), vendors and even governments are working together to define the role of open standards and how they can help evolve 5G networks to support new services and enhanced efficiency. Open Radio Access Network (RAN) sits at the heart of this discussion.

Nokia is committed to lead the open mobile future 

New O-RAN collaboration and testing center opened in Dallas


We have opened our first Open RAN (O-RAN) Collaboration and Testing Center at our offices in Dallas, Texas. The center is designed to support the development of partnerships among O-RAN vendors that will help with the verification, introduction and launch of O-RAN compliant solutions to market. In particular, vendors will be able to execute Interoperability Tests (IOT) and end-to-end testing for O-RU/O-DU Open Fronthaul as well as xAPP testing for Nokia’s near-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). The project is the latest in our continued commitment to O-RAN, vRAN and Edge Cloud innovation. We have plans to open similar facilities at our other global offices around the world in the future.

We believe all industry stakeholders must jointly create a path for the adoption of Open RAN. CSPs and vendors need to work together to contribute to standard definitions, including Open RAN interfaces, and define an adoption plan.

By enabling innovations, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applied to the RAN, Open RAN will create many benefits. These include improved network performance; accelerated time-tomarket of new services and functions; more flexible and agile networks; and CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies.

Open RAN refers to the overall concept of creating the possibility of an open RAN environment, with interoperability between different vendors happening over a set of defined interfaces.

Building on our history of industry collaboration on open standards that securely accelerate innovation and enable new business models.

  • US leader in O-RAN R&D, leading two specification workgroups
  • Joint development of O-RAN Radio Intelligent Controller with AT&T
  • First infrastructure vendor to join O-RAN, TIP and the Open RAN Policy Coalition

Foreign Policy, in partnership with Nokia, exploring the promise and potential of Open RAN to support a robust and competitive 5G ecosystem and advance the development of emerging network technologies.

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