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Empower smart city success

Empower smart city success

Build a shared technology foundation for your smart city services

The success of a smart city depends on how well its services operate, which means it’s crucial to build a foundation that enables smart services to perform at their best. Nokia can help you develop a flexible, scalable, secure ICT infrastructure that will interconnect sensors, people and applications as well as simplify the development and management of new smart city applications.

Challenge: Delivering on the promise of advanced technologies

Universal broadband, big data analytics, the cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all have the potential to help cities meet their toughest challenges. However, incomplete broadband connectivity, siloed legacy transport networks and IoT platforms, or vendor lock-in can limit your ability to develop new smart city services and lead to increased investment.

Solution: A shared, secure, standards-based infrastructure

Our smart city framework enables your new smart city services to operate at their best — and at optimal cost. It focuses on extending and upgrading wireless broadband access, as well as allowing use of a converged IP-based network for greater efficiency. Our framework can also incorporate cloud capabilities for increased operating agility, and it offers a single IoT platform for collecting and analyzing data coming from all sensors and devices.

Optimize TCO

A shared infrastructure reduces costs

Create synergies

Data from different applications and sensors can easily and securely be shared to further enrich smart city services

Protect your investment

Our standards-based solution can scale easily to meet growing demand

Our secure communications infrastructure and IoT platform are shared by all city agencies to optimize TCO and allow inter-agency collaborations and cross-data analysis.

A converged, mission-critical network
A single IP-based, multiservice network provides efficient, secure connections for all types of public agencies. It also supports countless applications.

Citywide broadband
Our extensive portfolio of fixed and wireless broadband access can satisfy diverse connectivity requirements, from best effort to mission-critical business needs.

Cloud capabilities
Using virtualized, software-defined networks provides greater flexibility to meet current and future city needs.

IoT efficiency
A citywide IoT platform helps reduce OPEX by remotely managing vast numbers of connected devices and sensors used in data collection.



Build your smart city ICT foundation

Shared, secure, scalable ICT for smart cities

Discover our ICT building blocks for smart city success


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