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Use-cases for specific Service Segments

Power Utilities

The Nokia Service Portal Express for Utilities is a purposefully designed service portal product for power utilities that is tightly coupled with the Nokia NSP to greatly simplify the management of a large communications network.
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Enterprise, industry, government and public sector

The Service Portal also adapts Nokia IP/MPLS provisioning and assurance management functions to address the specific needs of non-service provider market segments.

Service Providers - Business VPN Services

Service Providers offering business services searching for differentiators in competitive markets can distinguish their offer with a self-service Portal; it enables them to seamlessly interact with customers by offering a generic customer portal or customizing portals to the needs of key customers.

Operators can make portals available to end-customers, partners and resellers for Web-based self-service functions that can be customized to specific business needs and service types, such as service changes/additions/deletions and real-time access to service updates, performance/SLA reports, and billing information.

Service Providers - Residential Broadband Services

The Service Portal significantly simplifies the management of residential broadband services. For provisioning processes, the Service Portal accelerates the provisioning of customer-specific IPTV profiles and network components.

Service Providers - Application Assurance

The Service Portal correlates data from the Nokia NSP to simplify application assurance workflows, including service infrastructure testing and validation, application-level reporting and analysis, and application-level policing and control.

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