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Technology innovation will play a key role in achieving a more sustainable planet and better, healthier lives for all people. As we move into the fourth industrial revolution, technology will touch all aspects of our lives and our planet. Our research scientists and engineers continue to invent new technologies that will increasingly transform the way people and things communicate and connect, and how we interact with and manage the world in which we live.

Bell Labs is our world-renowned industrial research arm. Over its 90-year history, Bell Labs has invented many of the fundamental technologies that provide the foundation for information and communications networks and all digital devices and systems. Bell Labs continues to conduct disruptive research focused on solving the challenges of the new digital era, defined by the contextual connection and interaction of everything and everyone. For more information visit Bell Labs.

In 2017, we again held our Bell Labs prize attracting more than 330 proposals from 35 countries.

The Nokia Garage is an employee-centric innovation playground

It is a place for employees and external partners to share ideas and foster grassroot innovation, helping innovators fueled with passion to team up across organizational silos. The Nokia Garage was conceived as a multi-tenant innovation playground, mixing passions, skills, domains, and actors. Acting as a corporate collider, it also had to bring innovators from outside, to challenge our corporate processes and habits. Today, several startups have settled in the Garage and are collaborating with Nokia on research, pilots, and exploration programs covering IoT, Drones, Deep Learning, Smart Building Infrastructure and Smart Mobility. 

Along with the original Paris-Saclay, Lannion and Antwerp Garages, a growing number of Nokia sites are onboarding the Nokia Garage program, bringing innovators together to explore ideas and share insights. See where they are here

Nokia Garage provides:

  • A place to share ideas and foster grassroot innovation, helping employees fueled with passion team up across organizational silos.

  • A way to bring ideas to reality, inviting employees to unlock their ideas by making them tangible and testing them in the real world.

  • A state of mind based on agility, freedom and openness, used by employees to shape the space, processes, or technologies they need to succeed.

In January 2018 we launched the new ReefShark chipsets

Nokia has unveiled its new ReefShark chipsets, which leverage in-house silicon expertise to dramatically reduce the size, cost and power consumption of operators' networks and meet the massive compute and radio requirements of 5G.

Incorporating Nokia Bell Labs artificial intelligence (AI) innovations as well as Nokia's extensive capabilities in antenna development for mobile devices and base stations, ReefShark chipsets leverage silicon developed by Nokia in Oulu, Espoo and Tampere, Finland as well as Sunnyvale, California. 

ReefShark chipsets for radio frequency (RF) units such as the radio used in antennas significantly improve their performance. This results in halving the size of massive MIMO antennas. ReefShark chipsets also reduce power consumption in baseband units by 64%, compared to such units in use today. 

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Our Open Innovation Challenge focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart cities, mobility, safety and security, and connected industries

Nokia launched its Open Innovation Challenge for the fifth year running, focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart cities, mobility, safety and security, and connected industries. The challenge was organized in partnership with private venture firm Nokia Growth Partners.

Nokia is shaping a new revolution in technology, where networks augment and aid our daily lives. We create the technology that connects the world and are looking to co-innovate with the ecosystem to invent disruptive technologies.

Co-innovation is an essential part of Nokia's ambition to bring in people with creative ideas and smart solutions. The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge is calling for startups and innovators who are working on the next big ideas in IoT to improve people lives and able to demonstrate a working prototype for their idea that:

  • Improves cities by solving many urban challenges
  • Improves safety with technology
  • Improves how we interact and experience the world around us with virtual reality and machine interactions
  • Enables the next industrial revolution with LTE, robotics and sensors
  • Improves health with digital technologies

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For more information on our innovation work, visit Innovation

The fourth annual Nokia Bell Labs Prize for innovators with the potential to disrupt or profoundly change the state of human existence and experience by a factor of 10

Nokia Bell Labs opened its global competition for the fourth annual Nokia Bell Labs Prize. The Prize recognizes innovators with game-changing ideas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the potential to disrupt or profoundly change the state of human existence and experience by a factor of 10.

Researchers, scientists and innovators in participating countries around the globe were invited to enter their idea proposals until May 1, 2017. Prizes up to $175,000 were awarded to the first, second and third place winners, who were also rewarded with an opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs researchers on the development of their ideas.

The Nokia Bell Labs Prize competition is geared towards innovative proposals that look to solve broader societal and humanistic challenges. These might include ideas that offer disruptive innovations connecting all humans, senses, things, systems, infrastructure, or processes that enable a future where new knowledge is created with an associated 'sixth sense' whose purpose is to save time.

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