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Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

Our vision is to create the technology to connect the world. This vision supports inclusion by working to create a more connected and better world for everyone, not just for some. This aspiration is carried through our strategy, right down to the contribution of every person at Nokia. We do not allow for any type of discrimination or discriminating biases, which is reflected in our employment practices and our guiding corporate values.

People hugging each other on the beach

Our inclusiveness is what makes us win. We act inclusively and respect the uniqueness of people. Nokia culture welcomes people as their true selves.

No limits to opportunity

Celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities

Today we mark the International Day of People with Disabilities by hearing from two of our colleagues on the importance of diversity and resilience. Read more below

Stephane Foucault

Diversity is in our DNA: interview with Stephane Foucault

Stephane Foucault is Operations Manager in the 5G and SC organization in Mobile Networks in Nokia France, supervising the development of a new headcount management tool known as ‘WebTracker’. He is also the local coordinator for employees with disabilities for Nokia and Bell Labs, Paris-Saclay. As part of our celebration of the International Day of People with Disabilities, Stephane shared his experiences and thoughts with us as an employee living with type 1 diabetes. It seemed like a perfect match with this year’s theme being ‘Not all disabilities are visible’.

Anderson Carreira

Why resilience matters: interview with Anderson Carreira

Brazil born and based Anderson Carreira heads up technical support for Nokia Mobile Networks across Latin America. He leads a 21-strong technical team across 15 countries from Curitiba, in the south of the country. Right now, like the rest of business, Anderson is zoned in on delivering a strong Q4 and staying customer focused as changes roll out across the company. 

However unlike most of us, Anderson has a visual disability with about 10% of normal view. This hasn’t stopped him pursuing his dream degree in electronic engineering as well as a high-flying career within Nokia — in fact, it’s spurred him on. Anderson’s story is not just personally inspiring but also showcases the rich and diverse workplace we enjoy here at Nokia, so we spoke to him as part of our celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. We kicked things off talking about inclusion.

Gender Diversity

We believe that a diverse workforce is our platform for greater innovation, superior organizational performance, and delivering excellent service to our customers. Our ambition is to have a workplace where both men and women have equal opportunities to succeed in every function and at every level. As part of a related program we have implemented several initiatives to drive for gender balance.

Gender equality recognition

Bloomberg has included Nokia in its Gender Equality Index (GEI) for 2021 – the third time in a row.

For details see Anneli Karlstedt’s Blog: Nokia redoubles its commitment to equality and inclusion


GEIseal 2021

Gender equality networks

We have two strong networks focusing on gender equality related topics: Greenhouse and StrongHer.

While Greenhouse initiated by Nokia is a network of female leaders that spans across many companies, StrongHer is an employee network aiming at a company where women have the same opportunities as men and are well represented in all business domains and functions. To achieve real change in the nomination dynamics, and visible increase in gender statistics, StrongHer defined a common Theme for 2019 - Engaging managers for an inclusive workplace. StrongHer builds and deploys emblematic worldwide programs through its global network of 40+ chapters across five continents. Its focus in 2019 was on the deployment of the StrongHer Charter for Managers to enable Nokia line managers to explicitly walk the talk on gender balance, to publicly commit to take gender inclusive actions, and to become certified champions of the StrongHer values. In 2019, StrongHer organized 105 local events around the globe together with other companies and networks, attended by over 7400 employees.

For more information visit StrongHer 

Gender equality networks

Greenlight for girls

We continued our work with greenlight for girls. In 2019, we enabled 1290 girls to experience a day of science together with international NGO, greenlight for girls. 255 Nokia employees volunteered and supported these events that took place in seven cities around the world.


“We only see those in movies, that’s so cool,” exclaimed one girl as she leaned in to touch the plasma ball with her fingertips, watching with amazement as the filaments gathered together to meet her fingers. She was just one among the 100 girls that were welcomed to Nokia facilities in Cairo.

In 2019, our collaboration with greenlight for girls (g4g) continued on a multi-year journey now reaching a total of 4964 girls around the world. This year, five global locations were selected to host a Nokia-g4g day: Bangalore in India, Ottawa in Canada, Cairo in Egypt, Nanjing in China and Antwerp in Belgium. Four were brand new country launches. In addition, our team took part in g4g events in Krakow in Poland and in Brussels in Belgium, which is g4g’s largest event of the year involving all of their global partners, reaching even more girls to encourage their STEM studies and share the work of Nokia.

The g4g days are all about showing girls that anything is possible. The girls are invited over to our premises, and the g4g professionals provide them a fun and educational day around STEM topics through interactive workshops. Employee volunteers join the events as STEM professionals, mentoring and inspiring the girls in the world of science.

"Part of the mission of our g4g-Nokia partnership is to introduce STEM concepts and technology that the girls may not have ever seen before but that may be found in their everyday life – and to show and experience Nokia’s innovations. In doing so, we have the opportunity to remind them that the impossible is indeed possible – and they can design their future career in any way they dream with STEM. Just believing that anything is possible is the necessary mindset for invention and innovation to begin!”

Melissa Rancourt, Founder and Board Chairman of greenlight for girls


Achievements in 2019:

In 2019, 255 of our employees across 7 cities on 5 continents had the opportunity to work with and inspire 1290 young women between the ages of 11 and 15. And the results speak for themselves. As demonstrated with all g4g events, 94% of the girls state that they wish to pursue their STEM studies after attending an event, particularly when it involves getting to know role-model engineers, such as the our employee volunteers

Greenlight for girls

International Women’s Day

We celebrate International Women’s Day in line with the IWD 2021 theme #ChooseToChallenge



We signed the Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) pledge of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) to show our support for embracing every aspect of diversity and for promoting inclusion in the workplace.

For further information please see the #EmbraceDifference campaign page and watch Pekka Lundmark’s video on the importance of Inclusion and Diversity.


Other Inclusion & Diversity Initiatives

Our leadership is diverse and advocates for global anti-discrimination practices.
Our employees represent around 166 nationalities doing work in over 118 countries. And we are pleased to have ten of these nationalities represented on our highest-level global leadership team.

No limits to opportunity

Three Nokia employees share their stories: On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3 ‘Inclusion at Nokia’ puts its focus on people with health impairments. It’s important to remember what the World Health Organization has stated: Almost everyone will be at least temporarily impaired at some point in life. Disabilities range from physical impairments to psychological problems, and most of them are not visible at all. While disability correlates with disadvantage, not all people with special needs feel disadvantaged or are equally disadvantaged. Much depends on the context and environment in which they live, and whether they have equal access to health, education and employment, among others.

Inclusion at Nokia

Black Economic Empowerment

In South Africa we are committed to good governance practices, transparency, and compliance with all Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) codes of good practice.


Priority deliverables of the five BBBEE elements:

  • We strive to comply with the minimum requirements of these priority elements)
  • Ownership – We continue to maintain our effective black equity ownership with 31 percent black women ownership.
  • Enterprise development – We continue to contribute to the development of smaller black businesses to help them grow, ensure their sustainability and assist with job creation. We have a committee that continuously review the impact of our interventions/support and the success of those businesses.
  • Skills Development – We established a dedicated and sustainable skills transfer program aimed more importantly at developing women with potential for advancing in leadership roles within the company. We have implemented learning programs for blacks including black women and disabled learners. We have also established a bursary program through which we provide bursaries to black students attending at Higher Education Institutions to advance their Education.
  • We also strive to implement a targeted procurement strategy geared to increase procurement spend from companies which have made significant progress in the area of BBBEE. Our community investment activities are managed by a dedicated committee to manage the initiatives linked to the socio-economic development ofSouth Africa’s disadvantaged communities.

We also have targets to increase the ratio of blacks in the company and we continuously measure achievement, equally importantly, women in leadership positions. As per our plan, we want to ensure we achieve our targets through our recruitment process and internal promotions. To achieve our target, we have a local Vetting Committee which evaluates and manages the appointment of new employees according to our BEE Management Control plan. We have also put in place targets for a women’s graduate program as a plan to improve our women ratio and ensure a robust women talent pipeline.

Black Economic Empowerment


LGBT+ equality. We were awarded with “Best Places to Work for LGBT+ Equality” by Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index with a score of 100%. The HRC Corporate Equality Index is a US national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to LGBT+ employees.

EQUAL! is an educational and support group for our employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT+) or who have family, friends, or colleagues who are LGBT+.

Workplace Pride. We became a member of  Workplace Pride so we can work on further improving LGBT+ inclusion globally at Nokia.