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Using private LTE to create smarter cities

The UAE's Nedaa Professional Communication Corporation is using a Nokia private LTE network to make Dubai a smarter and safer city.

A new IDC case study looks at the role that private LTE networks are playing in smart cities. It focuses on how Nedaa, a government entity that provides telecommunication services to public and private sector organizations, uses its network to support smart city services and coordinate public safety activities.

The project is one of many smart city and digital initiatives across Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. Interest in these initiatives is rising as GCC members look for ways to create more diverse and sustainable economies.

Beyond the initial focus on safety and security, Nedaa plans to use its private LTE network to help Dubai improve management of traffic, transportation, waste, water, electricity and environmental protection. The company also hopes to fuel business growth and improve quality of life for residents.

The needs of Dubai’s administrators will change as the city becomes smarter. They will require tight integration and seamless connectivity between organizations, a central command and control center and robust mission- or business-critical connectivity for applications such as public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) communications. They will also need cost-effective communication technologies that can support these requirements and ensure regulatory compliance.

LTE is the only technology that can meet all these needs. It improves situational awareness by providing secure and reliable broadband connectivity for first responders, city workers and operations centers. It supports applications that demand high bandwidth and low latency, such as live HD video surveillance. It improves redundancy and coverage and makes it easier to manage quality of service (QoS). And it offers an upgrade path to 5G, which will support new smart city applications with ultra-low latency and ultra-high bandwidth.

Nedaa is taking advantage of these capabilities by building a mission-critical broadband network that ensures security, reliability and availability, provides guaranteed QoS and complies with 3GPP standards. The company has already showcased several successful private LTE use cases, including drones and connected boats for civil defense. It is currently investigating applications for flying taxis and automated drones for road and traffic monitoring. Nedaa’s next big target is to roll out citywide private LTE coverage in time for Expo 2020 Dubai.

5G is also on the company’s radar. Nedaa wants to use 5G compatibility to provide higher speeds and capacity for IoT-based smart city applications, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and big data. Nedaa’s planned portfolio of smart city applications includes:

  • Seamless HD voice and video over LTE
  • Narrowband IoT for smart meters, health equipment and sensors
  • Video surveillance, including the ability to capture and share live HD footage of urgent incidents
  • Mission-critical push-to-talk (P2T) service for first responders and city employees
  • Command and control room communications and broadcasting
  • Video analytics supported by mobile edge computing

We’re helping Nedaa deliver on its plan with several solutions and services. Our ViTrust portfolio provides private mission-critical LTE solutions and services that cover core network, backhaul and radio access equipment, as well as cybersecurity solutions. Our Integrated Operations Center service provides unified visibility applications, integration and customized design. Last but not least, we’re supporting Nedaa in its strategy to provide best-in-class connectivity services to its Dubai customers by ensuring a smooth evolution path from 4G/LTE to 5G.

Want to know more?

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