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Pushing the limits of science

Our people are focused on solving real-world needs through 10x technical innovation, making the impossible, possible.


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From coding theory to energy harvesting, our engineers and scientists are inventing the future

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You don’t have to see it to feel it

Amazing innovation happens when emerging artists and bright engineering minds get together. Explore the world’s first live augmented reality album stream.

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Future human

The science fiction of the past like self-driving cars and Star Trek-like communicators are becoming an everyday reality. Where will the next great ideas come from? Hear how pioneering artists are inspiring scientific peers to enhance how we sense the world.

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Future impossible

Hear from the world’s greatest minds – our Nobel prize winners, inventors and geeks who created the invisible nervous system of our society, a fantastic intelligent network that underpins our digital lives.

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Game changing

From our beginnings in the 1920s to today, our inventors have created the most remarkable technologies of modern life. Uncover our innovative history decade by decade.

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Experiments in art and technology

In collaboration with some of the most innovative artists, we bring art and technology together by highlighting the best of both worlds. Discover how we strive to expand artistic expression and technical innovation. 

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