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We believe in the possibility of crowdsourcing to assist people with the complexity of smart home devices. That is why Nokia is shaping the future of Crowd-as-a-Service - to enable communications service providers to enlist tech-savvy civilians in helping owners and renters of homes troubleshoot and discover the capabilities of their smart home products and features.

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Crowdsourcing can be used to supplement telecom customer support

It is a convenient way to assist busy residential customers with the complexities of smart home devices and the Internet of Things, while also helping communications service providers manage tech support requests and improve customer service.


Here’s how it works:

  • Residential customers go online or use a mobile application to post service questions or to request technical assistance from their local telecom provider for issues like smart home lighting installation, setting up WLANs, extending TV boxes from room to room, installing child-safe filters, etc.

  • A crowdsourced community of tech support volunteers review the questions and requests on behalf of the service provider. Eager to share their expertise, they answer questions or bid on the tasks that they have the skills to complete.

  • Customers choose from bidders by viewing the types of jobs they have completed in the past, feedback from other customers, and how much they charge. A customer and a chosen tech support volunteer then agree on a convenient time and place to complete the job.

When a job is done, customers go online to rate the tech support they received, their interactions with the volunteer and overall service experience. Since these ratings are public and reviewed by the service provider, tech support volunteers are incented to complete a job well, courteously and at a fair price.

Fast, easy and personalized – Crowd-as-a-Service for the home is perfect for customers who increasing want to bypass the service providers’ call center to take greater control over their service needs at their convenience. Meanwhile, volunteer techies passionate about a telco brand are excited to play the crowdsourced consumer tech support role to supplement their incomes and resume.


Nokia and its partners assist service providers in launching Crowd-as-a-Service for the home by supplying and managing the platform matching residential service requests with crowdsourced skills, and by helping them recruit tech-savy volunteers.

Stef van Aarle

Crowd-as-a-Service is a completely new delivery model that allows customers to simply and easily source local help for their in-home application and service needs. By providing crowdsourced tech support, operators can deliver a richer, customized experience that helps improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Additionally, it reduces support costs by supplementing in-house technical staffs with a community of highly motivated, on-demand civilian volunteers.

Stef van Aarle
Senior Vice President Services
Fixed Networks, Nokia