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RXRM for mining

How RXRM can create safer, more efficient mines

A next-gen vision for mining

Mining is already changing in line with the age we live in. Worker safety has become a priority, as have more sustainable ways of working. Real-time eXtended Reality Multimedia helps mine operators and equipment operators make these issues all the more achievable. Improvements in Wi-Fi and 3G/ 4G-LTE speeds are enabling real-time collection of data from the extraction point right up to the final transportation of ore to plants.

Remote operation and expert assistance

The image of mining has historically one of hard, rugged—even dangerous—working environments. The idea of spending hours deep below the earth’s surface in cramped, noisy and dusty mine shafts has meant that it has become harder for mine operators to attract the right talent. RXRM helps change this by opening up the potential for teleoperation. Near-zero latency over private wireless and edge networks provides the sufficient control and response to control vehicles and machinery from the safety of a Remote Operation Center (ROC), thus reducing the danger of accidents occurring, and increasing reliability. Media streams can also be saved for later viewing. A safer, more efficient mine is also less likely to have to take the costly decision to pause operations and endure unwanted downtime.

Remote expert assistance allows equipment vendors to provide expert assistance without needing to send someone physically onsite. This opens up global talent in a way that saves money, reduces emissions and provides a level of expertise that may otherwise be unavailable on location.

Situational awareness

Situational awarness

A core element of RXRM’s offering to mining operators is its flexibility. 360° cameras can be attached to drones and equipment, to be part of a scalable setup that can grow and diminish as required. monitor mining operations at all times, allowing operators to get real-time visibility even when hundreds of miles away. This not only increases safety but also opens up new possibilities in terms of cost-savings and efficiency.

Real-time collection of multimedia obtained from cameras and microphones using RXRM help operators make more informed, and better, decisions when it comes to running their plants. This data can be analyzed using massively parallel processing and faster distribution of intelligence to stakeholders.

The low bandwidth capabilities allow site owners to significantly upscale monitoring without having to worry about overburdening the network. Media can also be saved for post analysis.

Safety is obviously a key element to any mine in today’s world – and RXRM’s flexible and scalable multimedia can be used to monitor and coordinate emergency and evacuation systems in mining sites.

Security & surveillance

The 24/7 monitoring of video and audio information that RXRM is able to provide operators a holistic picture of what is going on in their sites, ensuring that any occurrence that may go unnoticed due to human error is gathered. One 360° camera can often cover the same amount of ground as up to six traditional CCTV cameras – saving costs in hardware and manpower, material usage and ensuring security operations are as streamlined as possible. Recording and playback option ensures that media can be saved for post incident analysis. You can also utilize the 360° footage to create an automated vehicle recognition system, ensuring that site security can be maintained with minimum friction.

Additional use cases

The benefits for mining operators and equipment vendors go far beyond the examples listed above—and new ones are appearing all the time. We are always talking to potential partners about ways in which RXRM can drive the mining industry forward. Now’s the time to innovate with us.

For mining operators

  • Inspections
  • Remote training

For equipment vendors

  • Remote technical assistance
  • Customer service

RXRM in a nutshell

Looking to get a quick summary of what RXRM can offer businesses in the mining industry and beyond? Download our infographic to get the whole story in bite-sized form.

RXRM for other industries

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