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Prioritizing automation: creating a successful building block strategy

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Prioritizing telco automation: Creating a successful building block strategy

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In this report you will learn

  • How “Intelligent Automation” enables you to benefit from AI and Analytics in your automation initiatives 
  • How CSPs are aligning their automation initiatives to their business strategy 
  • How do you stack up against the competition - join the next survey


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The survey shows that there are two main camps of CSP business strategy. Automation projects should support either of these strategies.


We've surveyed 100 CSP executives worldwide. Discover their thoughts and see how you stack up against the competition.

Automation is a dominant telco strategy

But where to invest? The respondents ranked the areas of their business where they are seeing the highest returns from their investment into automation.

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For an average operator (based on $20Bn revenue), deploying successful automation in these key domains is equivalent to saving 5.7% of total annual revenues or upwards of $850 million.


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The survey shows there are many successful automation projects under-way.


Read the full report and discover which domains and technologies will
offer the best opportunities.

Impact of changing ambitions

The ongoing conversation about automation within network and service operations will be shaped by operators’ changing attitudes towards how critical network and service domains are to their business.

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Over 70% of CSPs surveyed have a strategy to grow revenues from services that extend beyond connectivity. And they see automation as integral to delivering these services.


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Many of these new revenue models will need to be 'automation-native'.


Operators' ambitions diverge widely between regions, read the report to learn more.

"We have taken a pragmatic viewpoint on how to prioritize and implement AI and automation use cases within the network. We do not want to pursue a three-year transformation programme - by the end of it, the technology would be out of date and priorities changed.

Instead, we build smaller solutions that provide rapid cost reduction and quality improvements, and then lean how to interlink them later."

Business Manager, Automation, European operator

Automating network and service operations: A successful building block strategy

Based on the survey results the authors of the rapport outline a clear strategy that could enable operators to implement automation into their business. Read more about the building block strategy in the report.

  • Step one: Defining automation domains

  • Step two: Evaluating the importance of domains

  • Step three: Prioritizing automation domains

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The survey indicated that automations within a single organizational domain have the highest rate of achievement.


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This keeps the focus on tactical projects that can deliver near-term results.                                                                   


And much more

  • Organizational structure and ownership
  • Building trust in automated systems is key 
  • Automation chaining and managing domain interfaces 
  • Recommendations for the industry

How well do you score?

STL Partners will be publishing an update for this research program in June 2021. We welcome you to contribute your opinion by taking part in the survey by the end of May 2021.

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