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AirFrame Open Edge Server

Data center solution designed for edge


The Nokia AirFrame open edge server, is an x86 solution built and tailored to fully support edge and far-edge cloud deployments.

The ultra-small footprint provided by the solution is complemented with a real-time, OPNFV compatible, OpenStack distribution built to provide the performance and low latency required by solutions like Cloud RAN.

AirFrame open edge server is fundamental to distributing computing capacity in the network and driving the implementation of Cloud RAN, Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) as well as 5G.

The AirFrame Open Edge server chassis is only 3U high, enabling its installation on existing base station sites. It also has an acceleration capabilities for Cloud-RAN, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and other workloads.

Features and benefits

Data Sheet

Ultra-small footprint

For easy installation at the network edge



Features robust seismic tolerance enabling deployment worldwide


Optimized for cloud

Provides the performance and low latency required by Cloud RAN and MEC



Future proof

Offers the flexibility to take communications into the 5G era


Nokia AirFrame Open Edge server


Data sheet

Nokia AirFrame open edge server

Executive summary

AirFrame Open Edge Server executive summary

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