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Soar with safe, on-time and connected journeys

Take your operations and business into the digital world with our complete business-critical and mission-critical aviation communications portfolio.

Built for airports, ANSPs and airlines, our aviation solutions provide the pervasive connectivity and other technologies you need to support safe, on-time and connected journeys. They let you put broadband and digital technologies to work to achieve any goal, whether it’s operational excellence at airports, improved safety and operational effectiveness of ANSP services or superior in-flight broadband.

By deploying our solutions, you can:

  • Boost efficiency with fast, reliable broadband that connects people, processes and systems in real time
  • Modernize your operations with an IP-based network that makes it easy to embrace digital technologies
  • Make your services smarter with new capabilities such as advanced analytics and machine learning techniques
  • Meet the demands of digital-savvy passengers and unlock new revenue by making air travel a fully connected experience

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Connectivity is mission critical for safe on-time and connected journeys

Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

The Future X architecture harnesses technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking – including 5G –- to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of industrial sectors.

With the Future X architecture for aviation, you can begin a digital transformation that leads to highly secure and reliable communications, reduced operating costs and a new generation of aviation services.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs with an ultra-secure and reliable multi-service broadband network
  • Enhance your operations with high-performance networking that connects everything from personnel to sensors to video cameras and automated systems
  • Use real-time data processing and analytics systems to increase automation, support new services and make smarter decisions
  • Build a stronger foundation for mission-critical communications and response using IoT applications and high-capacity networks

Future X architecture

Scene analytics

Optimize site surveillance, security and maintenance with real- time video analytics that detect problems and anomalous activities

Asset analytics

Improve CAPEX efficiency and operational performance by proactively assessing and managing the health of your assets

Advanced analytics

Use machine learning analytics to continuously predict asset failure times and optimize operations in real time

Networking solutions for the new age of industry

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