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7750 Defender Mitigation System

A next-generation platform for DDoS mitigation

Introducing the Nokia 7750 Defender Mitigation System

We have expanded our DDoS security solution with a next-generation, dedicated mitigation platform – the Nokia 7750 Defender Mitigation System (DMS).

The imperative of the security-by-design principle for IP networking

The ever-growing threat landscape has made IP network security a non-negotiable priority.

Security must become an intrinsic part of our IP networks, seamlessly integrating all relevant and important security features and attributes into the network fabric rather than being added as an additional layer.

Nokia has been a strong proponent of a security-by-design approach, where security features are considered from the earliest phases of R&D design. This approach helped us deliver advanced, secure networking products, such as Service Routers and Service Interconnect Routers, based on in-house network processing technology (FP4, FP5 and FPcx), with a robust operating system and a versatile set of built-in routing and IP security features. As a result, our routers have been able to deliver network-based security and help service providers and network operators create "self-defending networks" without additional layers of equipment and complexity.

Why isn't everyone ready for network-based security (yet)?

Still, many operators cannot fully benefit from the network-based security approach. For some, the stumbling block is that the deployed third-party routers in their network do not have enough processing capacity to deal with additional security workloads. For others, the organizational structure and separation of networking and security teams drive the implementation of security policies on a dedicated security enforcement platform.

This is where the 7750 Defender Mitigation System comes to the rescue.

A marvel of collaboration and innovation

The 7750 DMS is a testament to the joint efforts of Nokia's IP networking and big-data security analytics R&D teams. This collaboration resulted in a product that brings forward the "best of both worlds," delivering high performance with speed, power efficiency and flexible capacity, along with advanced DDoS protection and automation capabilities. It underscores the importance of bridging the gap between robust networking and ironclad security.

The first in the DMS family of products, the 7750 DMS-1-24D, is based on the Nokia FP5 network processor technology and packs 2.8 Tb/s of DDoS mitigation processing capacity into a compact, 2RU system. Fully managed and controlled by Deepfield Defender, the 7750 DMS protects against the latest and future generations of DDoS at industry-leading scale and cost-efficiency.

Nokia FP5 technology: The powerhouse

At the heart of the 7750 DMS is the Nokia FP5 technology, endowing the 7750 DMS with high performance at a terabit scale. This combination – performance at scale without compromise – is indispensable for addressing the DDoS threats of tomorrow. Leveraging a fully programmable network processor (NP) architecture of FP5, the 7750 DMS-1-24D scales its DDoS mitigation capacity to 2.8 Tb/s – all with deterministic performance and power efficiency.

Versatility meets DDoS protection

The 7750 DMS is a critical part of the Nokia Deepfield DDoS security solution. It equips network operators with an additional mitigation avenue – through a next-generation, dedicated mitigation platform. In addition to the case where advanced routers such as Nokia Service Routers are used for network-based mitigation, operators now have a broader suite of mitigation instruments and more flexibility for their mitigation strategies.

The 7750 DMS addresses the most pressing security concerns when demands for scalability, higher throughput, better cost efficiency, and power efficiency disqualify further deployment and investment in legacy-based scrubbing systems or cases when security policies must be implemented on a separate, dedicated security enforcement platform.

Deepfield Defender: The ultimate guardian

Deepfield Defender, the "brain" in the Nokia DDoS security solution, is a big-data analytics application that combines network data (telemetry, DNS, BGP etc.) with Nokia's patented Deepfield Genome technology – a live data feed that tracks internet content, applications and services and DDoS security context. As a result, Deepfield Defender delivers better scalability, improved DDoS detection, and drives rapid DDoS mitigation – all at a much-improved cost point.

Under the control of Deepfield Defender, the 7750 DMS is a high-scale, fine-grain instrument that mitigates a wide variety of DDoS attacks with great efficiency, minimizing the impact on the network, services and subscribers.

Addressing security challenges of today and tomorrow

The 7750 DMS caters to today's pressing DDoS security challenges that range from growing botnet DDoS threats to complex, multi-vector, terabit-level attacks. It provides protection of the network and subscribers from DDoS attacks coming from all directions (inbound and outbound) and across all entry points in a multi-vendor IP network - peering, DC edges and access edges, delivering holistic, 360-degree DDoS security required for the 5G, cloud, and IoT era.

Advanced DDoS countermeasures

The 7750 DMS-1 delivers advanced DDoS countermeasures, which are enabled via the Advanced Countermeasures Engine (ACE). The Advanced Countermeasures Engine (ACE) functionality encompasses L4-L7 stateful inspection of IP packets, allowing 7750 DMS-1 to combat all types of DDoS attacks – from volumetric to botnet and application-layer attacks – with a new level of agility and cost efficiency.

Comprehensive DDoS mitigation across all deployment scenarios

Compact yet immensely powerful, the 7750 DMS is a terabit-scale DDoS mitigation platform that can be deployed centrally or distributed.

We expect to see the 7750 DMS find its place in many networking environments: from being deployed with other advanced IP network elements that perform mitigation (such as Nokia Service Routers) to being exclusively used as DDoS mitigation enforcement points or for next-generation scrubbing.

The future of DDoS mitigation is now

As we propel into a future dominated by interconnected devices and systems many of which are insecure!), our approach to network security needs a radical rethink. The 7750 Defender Mitigation System is an example of such rethinking and a result of years of investment and joint development of our Nokia IP routing and Deepfield R&D teams.

From our 7750 SR family, we are bringing forward the performance and capabilities of the new FP5 network processor.

From our Deepfield heritage, we bring our DDoS security expertise to deliver a disruptive solution with best-in-class accuracy, multi-terabit scale and economics.

The unprecedented efficiency and cost-efficiency of the 7750 DMS will equip service providers and large digital enterprises to be a cornerstone for advanced, network-optimized DDoS mitigation for years to come.

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