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Deepfield Video Analytics

Deliver the best possible OTT video streaming experience

Video streaming from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Facebook and other online video sources is already dominating the internet and service provider networks - video represents more than 50% of the overall traffic in many networks today.  

During the pandemic, as reported in our Nokia Deepfield Network Intelligence Report 2020, we noticed an increase in new "eyeballs" – in North America, between March and September 2020, there were more than 30% of new video endpoints. The "world at home" situation induced by the pandemic changed our online behavior and viewing pattern: streaming now extends during the day, with continued peak traffic in the evening, in so-called "prime time" hours.  

Service providers must accurately identify streaming video traffic from all traffic types, understand how video streams – video IP flows – traverse through the network and impact network infrastructure, and quantify video performance so they can improve end-user experience.

Our Nokia Deepfield Cloud Genome – a technology powering our Deepfield portfolio of network insight and analytics applications - provides a detailed and continuously updated map of the internet service delivery chains.  

This helps us have a very detailed, granular and up-to-date view of the whole video service delivery chain.

Using Nokia Deepfield network analytics, we can look at the internet service delivery chain – in this case, video, and obtain detailed network insights.  

Powerful GUI and multidimensional insights allow you to drill down to specific network perspectives such as video service delivery from on-net caches vs. off-net – across peering routers.  

Or, we can drill down and look at specific video service consumption by access type – in this example, comparing FTTx (fiber), cable and DSL customers.


We can expand our insights and look at the consumption by specific subscriber categories – from super-heavy users (using terabytes of bandwidth per month) to casual users.  

We can also look at the consumption preferences by applications and traffic types – to better understand which content and applications are used the most.


We can also gain deep insights into how subscribers consume services.

This type of profiling can help marketing and service planning teams optimize existing service plans or create new ones – like special subscription plans for gamers or heavy video streamers.


Using the Nokia Deepfield cloud network and video analytics portfolio, you can get detailed insights into how online video services are delivered to your customers.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can optimize the delivery of video (and other) services, improve customer experience, and open new monetization opportunities.

Whatever your ambition or business goal is, Nokia can help – from detailed network insights to creating better service bundles for your customers.

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