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Core networks

Deploy a universal adaptive core

Find the information you need by exploring our core network solutions

Nokia Core Networks lets you:

  • Deploy without limitations: it is cloud-native and infrastructure-agnostic by design. Deploy it on any cloud – private or public, centralized or distributed, with an optimized performance footprint for any deployment model.
  • Profit from opportunity: it simplifies the complexity with the latest technology to boost the top line and lower costs. Open and programmable, it creates an innovation engine for a strategic business advantage – today.
  • Evolve with confidence: it meets stringent reliability & quality requirements, because it is created and delivered by Nokia with its broad portfolio and global experience, including hundreds of core deployments (Cloud Packet Core, VoLTE, SDM, Policy, Charging, Signaling, etc.), and dozens of 5G Standalone Core deployments.

The following pages provide a wealth of videos, infographics, eBooks, case studies, papers and more. We invite you to explore our core network solutions.