Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING)

Flexible business models for quick access to new IoT revenue

Global IoT without compromise

Have you ever wondered how you can enter the world of IoT or further grow your existing IoT business? Would you prefer to win new revenue with low risk and minimal investment, instead of spending CAPEX and time building an IoT network and developing new services?

Welcome to Nokia WING, a managed service that offers operators the ability to support their enterprise customers with global IoT connectivity across borders and technologies.

There is nothing else like WING on the market.

Global presence without compromise

Roaming agreements are time consuming and costly, especially as the number of devices and services increases

Real-time management of IoT device

Always-on connectivity and the tools to manage services in real-time, anywhere in the world

Scale and speed to market with new services

Build-it-yourself globally is too slow and rigid – we offer a business model that gives you the flexibility to meet any demand

"Our work with Nokia WING will help clear away the complexity of large-scale IoT adoption so that our customers can unlock the potential of IoT worldwide. Boosted by Nokia’s globally deployed ‘one-stop shop’ network technology, we can be more nimble and responsive to our customers’ needs."

Chris Penrose
Chris Penrose / President, IoT Solutions AT&T

"Nokia WING is a unique concept for worldwide IoT enablement which will allow us to serve our enterprise customers better and differentiate our offering on a global scale. We are excited about the prospect of helping our customers to easily deploy IoT services, driving new revenue growth opportunities."

Rami Avidan
Rami Avidan / CEO of Tele2 IoT

"Nokia WING is a unique service and we are excited about the prospect of helping our customers easily deploy IoT services to drive new growth opportunities."

Koji Kabumoto, Executive Officer of ICT
Koji Kabumoto, Executive Officer of ICT / Logistics & Healthcare Division at Marubeni Corporation

"Nokia WING will enable us to bring world-class IoT use cases to our enterprise customers first in Egypt and later in the region."

Adel Hamed
Adel Hamed / Managing Director & CEO, Telecom Egypt
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