Residential broadband services

Deliver the experience of cloud-connected living and the internet of things

Deliver the experience of cloud-connected living and the Internet of Things

Nokia residential broadband solutions help you deliver reliable, ubiquitous, and personalized services for cloud-connected living and the Internet of Things.

Our solutions enable you to reach more subscribers, ensure a superior experience, and create added value with managed, on-net cloud services.

An enhanced Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) plays a central role in delivering residential broadband services. Our BNG is available on our 7750 Service Router (SR) and Virtualized Service Router (VSR). It delivers scalable subscriber management and advanced service capabilities that can help you evolve your residential broadband offer for the cloud era.

With our residential broadband solutions, you can:

Meet demands for more capacity, better coverage, greater connectivity, and lower cost

Deliver broadband content to consumers at home, in public venues, and on the go

Provide simple and secure ways for consumers to manage their home networks

Make it easy for consumers to personalize the broadband experience for individual devices and family members