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Driving a transformation of networks

A dramatic technological shift is underway, changing how businesses connect with customers, how industries and public services run, and how each of us benefit from technology saving us time, and enhancing how we live and work.

We’re making possible the technology and service platforms that are transforming how networks are built for a world of 100x today’s capacity with 100x today’s response times – cognitive, secure, self-learning, and fluidly adapting to the world around us.

We’re preparing the way for 5G, the Cloud distributed to the edge of the network, and augmented intelligence, to handle the demands of ubiquitous video, virtual reality and the Internet of Things.

Making 5G a commercial reality

5G has the power to revolutionize our lives, society and economy in many exciting, new ways. We’re using our network to provide connectivity and capacity on a massive scale to drive new business models and lay the foundations for the 5G world.

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Igniting the new businesses of IoT

The IoT will create new opportunities for people, societies and economies. We’re finding new ways to deliver massive, secure connectivity to enable innovative business opportunities and customer experiences.

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Transforming business agility through the cloud

We are connecting society to the cloud and combining virtualization and intelligent analytics to build networks that can dynamically adapt to meet capacity, scalability and strict security requirements.

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