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What we do

For consumers 


Through brand licensing, Nokia licensees place high quality, high-tech, beautifully designed phones into the hands and homes of people all over the word. Bringing quality to their connected lives. 

HMD Global Oy is the exclusive global licensee for Nokia branded mobile phones and is creating products that live up to the high expectations consumers have of our recognized and loved brand.

Since HMD became the new home of Nokia phones in December 2016, it has has been delighting people worldwide with an award-winning range of Android-based Nokia smartphones, new feature phones and recreations of original iconic Nokia phones with an up-to-date twist. 


For business

Nokia enables our customers to transform their communication networks with 5G, IoT, the cloud, software and other mission-critical communication solutions. Nokia also licenses valuable portfolios of intellectual property, including patents, advanced technologies and our brand.


Communications Service Providers

Nokia has long-standing relationships with CSPs, including fixed, mobile, converged and cable network operators, located around the world. Our solutions help transform our customers’ business and their networks. Through our comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software and services we enable the digital transformation of networks to address capacity needs, reduce complexity and leverage network intelligence to create and deliver new services.  




Nokia impacts a broad and growing range of industries that deliver services to the public. We target industry segments that require networks with the highest level of performance for the running of core business operations in an efficient, safe and secure manner.


Our communication networks are the foundation for utility company smart grids that effectively match energy generation with need. Out at sea we provide oil platforms with mission critical communication access.  Below ground our mining automation solutions support the use of autonomous mining vehicles that protect lives by enabling excavation in environments that would be unsafe for human miners. 


For railways we build operational technology networks that support signaling, station operations, scheduling and track information among other functions that support efficiency and safety. Our intelligent transportation systems automate highway safety through emergency phones and digital signage. They also improve highway management by providing intelligence about traffic usage and automating toll collection. In the aviation sphere, we support both airport operational networks as well as air traffic communications.  

Public Sector

In public safety our solutions support vital legacy 2-way radio communications while laying the foundation for an LTE public safety network that could also support other municipal services. Our defense solutions focus on military base communications that need to be much more secure than a typical network. Our smart city platforms support data sharing and usage control in areas such as parking, lighting, traffic and weather. We offer government broadband solutions for underserved regions where government entities must assume the financial responsibility of building a fiber network. 


Tech markets

Tech XLEs 

This market is comprised of extra-large enterprises in fields such as healthcare, automotive, financial services and retail with demands for enormous amounts of data to be instantaneously accessible at multiple points of entry. We serve this market with a comprehensive solution set that enables the creation and management of cloud-based virtual networks in centralized or distributed datacenters that interface between private and public clouds. Private clouds are an option we support for industries with stringent compliance needs for privacy and security, such as healthcare and banking. 


The subset of online companies that handle millions of transactions per day are increasingly referred to as webscale. Nokia solutions address the network needs of this highly visible market segment to be hyper-efficient in delivering content and providing the best online experiences to customers. Our network expertise enables these companies to intelligently scale their business and to assure the best quality of experience by making handoffs closer to people and things through automated cloud-based global service delivery platforms.



As our licensing business, Nokia Technologies monetizes our valuable portfolio of intellectual property, including patents, groundbreaking technologies and the Nokia brand, generating revenue for Nokia while enabling others to benefit from Nokia innovation. 


Patent Business

Through more than €123 billion invested in R&D over the past two decades, Nokia now owns one of the broadest and strongest patent portfolios in our industry.

We believe that actively contributing to the development of industry standards can accelerate innovation and expand customer and consumer choice, while also generating financial returns for Nokia. That’s why for more than 20 years, we have defined many of the fundamental technologies used in virtually all mobile devices and taken a leadership role in standards setting. 

We own a leading share of standard essential patents (SEPs) for GSM, 3G radio and 4G LTE technologies. Together with others for Wi-Fi and video standards, these form the core of our patent portfolio for monetization purposes. Nokia has more than 100 licensees, mainly for our SEPs. As a leading contributor to the development of 5G standards, we also expect to have a significant share of the essential patents for that standard.

We continually refresh our portfolio from R&D activities across all Nokia businesses, filing patent applications on more than 1,300 new inventions in 2017. 


Technology Licensing

Nokia has a long history of innovation in capturing and sharing stories with intelligent audio, imaging and video. We work with the world's leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to bring these technologies to their devices and into the hands of story tellers. The technologies we license include: 

  1. OZO Audio / Nokia spatial audio
  2. High efficiency image file format (HEIF)
  3. OZO Platform


Brand Partnerships

We believe brand licensing is fundamental to the perpetuation, repositioning and elevation of the Nokia brand and technologies. Such smart licensing strengthens consumer trust in the Nokia brand to deliver products which combine great quality, beautiful design, reliability and ease of use.

That’s why we signed strategic agreements in May 2016 with HMD Global, which became the new home of Nokia phones in December 2016. Since then, HMD has been delighting people worldwide with an award-winning range of Android-based Nokia smartphones, new feature phones and recreations of original iconic Nokia phones with an up-to-date twist. We work closely with HMD to ensure that their products meet the high expectations that consumers have of products carrying the Nokia brand.



Our software portfolio provides a sophisticated combination of intelligence and automation that helps our customers understand everything that impacts their customers’ experience, learn from it, and start the right chain of actions to deliver, enrich — and monetize — it instantly. 
Our solutions focus on:

  1. Digital experience (the new BSS): helping our customers find new ways to grow their top line and enrich their customers’ experiences.
  2. Digital operations (the new OSS): providing our customers with intelligence, automation and abstraction to lower costs, increase speed and improve decision making. 
  3. Digital networks: creating an elastic, programmable and secure cloud-based foundation to address performance and reliability requirements.


Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs is the world renowned industrial research arm of Nokia. Over its 90-year history, Bell Labs has invented many of the foundational technologies that underpin information and communications networks and all digital devices and systems. This research has resulted in 9 Nobel Prizes, three Turing Awards, three Japan Prizes, a plethora of National Medals of Science and Engineering, as well as an Oscar, two Grammy awards and an Emmy award for technical innovation. 

The Bell Labs prize is a competition for innovators from participating countries around the globe that seeks to recognize proposals that ‘change the game’ in the field of information and communication technologies by a factor of 10 and provides selected innovators the unique opportunity to collaborate with Bell Labs researchers to help realize their vision.