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5G in India

5G, the fifth generation of cellular networks, heralds a new era in communications- it brings a paradigm shift in the role of mobile technologies beyond connectivity. As the country moves ahead with its Digital India vision, it offers the opportunity to leapfrog to the next generation of digital connectivity and create new business models and revenue streams. As such, the case for immediate roll out of 5G networks in India is compelling. It is no longer a choice but a pre-requisite for the country's growth and development.

Driving the 5G engine with research and standardization

Illustration of 5G

5G technologies will transform the network

The race to 5g and enterprise readiness

The race for 5G and Enterprise readiness

5G in India – opportunities & readiness

Opportunities for CSPs and enterprise

As per the estimates, 5G has the potential to create a cumulative economic impact of $1 trillion in India by 2035. Implementation of 5G and associated technologies will help drive digital transformation to achieve the goal of digital inclusion and connected society. 5G will empower the CSPs and enterprises to reshape their business models to launch innovative services.

As per estimates, 5G connections in India is expected to reach near 369 million subscribers by 2026 The numbers may vary across market reports but a strong demand for 5G in India remains the bottom line.

Market readiness

The DoT has allocated the spectrum for 5G trials in different bands that include - mid-band (3.2 GHz to 3.67 GHz), millimeter wave band (24.25 GHz to 28.5 GHz) and low band (700 GHz). The trials offer a great opportunity for the CSPs to evaluate the 5G performance across different bands, terrains and configurations and be better prepared for large scale commercial deployment in terms of planning, roll-out strategy, use cases and ecosystem readiness. 

The 5G trials will be followed by the spectrum allocation for 5G commercial deployment. As per Nokia MBiT Report (Mar 2022), India is expected to have around 10 million active 5G devices in use and that figure is expected to have grown significantly since then.

Nokia preparedness

Nokia is already manufacturing 5G NR and 5G Massive MIMO equipment at its Chennai factory that can take care of our domestic demand and as well as the ongoing export of 5G gear to other countries.

Nokia Global Delivery Centres in Chennai and Noida are already handling 5G network operations in several countries and our strong pool of 5G skilled workforce can very well support the Indian CSPs to scale for 5G launch. Our R&D centre in Bangalore is playing a key role in developing local ecosystem partnership to develop 5G use-cases.

Nokia in association with NIIT and COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) launched 5G certification program - a first-of-its-kind opportunity for professionals and organizations across India

Gearing up for 5G in India

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