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Automating optical networks for success

A new kind of network that is more responsive, efficient and reliable – and simpler to operate 

Today’s competitive environment requires you to react faster to new demands and get maximum value from your optical network. But as networks scale and  become more complex, it’s getting tougher to reduce operating costs and increase agility. 

Optical network operator automation challenges

Faster optical network services deployment

Getting optical network services into your customers’ hands faster grows revenue and creates a customer experience that sets you apart from the competition. Bandwidth demands can evolve quickly. Your customers need the ability to scale up capacity as new opportunities arise and support new B2B2X services. By providing flexible connectivity services to customers on demand, you can help ensure their success as well as your own.

Increased operational efficiency to reduce network TCO

Your network assets are critical to your business. Overinvesting in these assets can erode your return on investment (ROI). Underinvestment can slow your business growth and market response time. Assets that are nearing the end of life can put your business at risk if you don't have the right contingencies. You need to simplify network scaling and identify and mitigate problems with efficient automation that leverages the power of network data and optimizes network resources to ensure that you always get maximum network performance from your network CAPEX investment and are ready to support dynamic service demands.

A new kind of network

Automation helps you create a new kind of network that supports innovative digital services, achieves ultra-efficient operations, controls CAPEX– and is simpler to operate and scale. With technologies such as hierarchical service enablement, model-driven mediation, intent-based networking and baseline analytics, your optical networks can generate more revenue, self-configure, optimize their performance in real time and recover from failure events.

Keep up with bandwidth demands

Build a ready-to automate, programmable, high-performance, massively scalable and secure access, metro, edge, core, and subsea optical networks with our application-optimized equipment.

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Do more, spend less

Get more value from your network and reduce its TCO by using our WaveSuite applications to automate and simplify your operations, respond quickly to fast-changing demand, get the most from your resources, ensure maximum service performance and reliability. 

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Collaborate to gain an open network competitive edge

Join our WaveHub ecosystem and work with a community of innovators that develops new ways to leverage automation to extract optical network value and lower operational costs.

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Get expert help with network transformation

Let our WavePrime professional services team help you deploy, maintain, manage, optimize and automate an SDN-ready optical network that will protect and grow your business.

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Looking to accelerate the automation of your network but lacking the resources to do it in the timeframes you need?

Visit our page to discover how our proven use cases can help you realize your automation strategy and achieve your desired business outcomes.

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Using automation to unlock cost savings and speed up optical service delivery

We’ve created a blog series that explores optical networks can help you support automation that accelerates service delivery, reduces network total cost of ownership (TCO) and delivers better business outcomes.

Visit our blog page to learn more about automating optical networks and discover exciting research from Nokia Bell Labs optical networking, data science and physics experts who are investigating new ways to automate optical networks for maximum performance. 

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