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Gigabit your way

Forge your own path to Gigabit broadband

Get a competitive advantage with the right Gigabit strategy

The first operator to bring Gigabit broadband to an area always gets a competitive advantage. Nokia can help make sure it’s you. 

We understand that the best way for you to deploy Gigabit services is different from every other operator. It could involve different technologies in different parts of the network. A long-term fiber strategy with complementary investment in fixed-wireless, DSL or cable access technologies. Protecting your core operations and business while adding new capability and customers. 

Because we support every technology in every type of network, we won’t force you down a path that isn’t right for you. The only right way is to do Gigabit your way. And Nokia has the know-how to help. 

Your Gigabit journey starts here: your free guide to a Gig

Start preparing your Gigabit journey with this eBook.

Learn more about: 

  • Why Gigabit broadband is good for business. 
  • The different technologies available. 
  • The financial considerations for each.

Essential insights and links to in-depth resources will help you understand how to deliver Gigabit your way. 

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gigabyte webinar

Webinar: Gigabit your way

The race is on.

The drive towards Gigabit broadband is accelerating and the first-to-move broadband providers are almost guaranteed to control the market. Put your questions to Nokia experts Ana Pesovic and Eric Festraets and learn how to get to Gigabit your way. 

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Predict bandwidth demand for your fixed access network

Choosing the right access network technology at the right moment is one of the most challenging decisions faced by network operators. How long can the installed base support the demand? Which technology should you install or upgrade to, and when?

Developed by the world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs, Nokia’s bandwidth modeling tool gives the insight you need into your future network requirements.

Calculate bandwidth demand

Aggregated BW

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