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Address the unique in-home requirements of high capacity access standards, such as and VDSL2.

The Nokia 7368 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) customer premises equipment (CPE) F-010G-C is a small form factor CPE that defines a new era in broadband access technology by addressing the unique in-home needs of and VDSL2 up to profile 35b (Vplus). The Nokia 7368 ISAM CPE F-010G-C is a compact and easy to manage CPE with one electrical Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connection (RJ-45) for high-speed connectivity within the home and one digital subscriber line (DSL) network connection (RJ-11).

The Nokia 7368 ISAM CPE F-010G-C hits broadband targets for fiber to the distribution point (FTTdp). The 106 MHz profile delivers hundreds of Mb/s (up to 1 Gb/s aggregate) over short loops (<300 m). While traditional vectored VDSL2 profile 17a delivers aggregate rates of up to 150 Mb/s, this CPE can boost up that rate to 300 Mb/s using VDSL2 profile 35b.

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