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All aboard. All connected. Allwhere.

Make rail travel safer, more efficient and more dependable

Build tomorrow's digital railway today with Nokia

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Put advanced communications and IoT to work for your digital railway

Nokia advanced railway solutions let you achieve new levels of reliability, connectedness, security and automation. They can help you can reduce costs, improve efficiency and optimize asset utilization.

  • Digitalize your operations to provide better overall service to your customers
  • Modernize your railway communications to support dependable end-to-end connections and safer journeys
  • Keep your vital infrastructure and operations safe from cyber threats
  • Use the latest IoT and analytics innovations to automate operations and maintenance and improve railway performance

Operational velocity you can depend on

Improved efficiency

Reduce cost, save time and boost overall performance. Use advanced analytics to  support predictive, informed, right-time maintenance and asset management.

Proven solutions

Upgrade your communications network and get in-depth insights into your operations - with trusted technologies and software - built for railways and designed to meet industry standards.

Dedicated railway expertise

Take your railway into the 5G future with proven strategies, industry knowledge and innovations.

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