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Networks keep us going

The digital world presents unprecedented opportunities to change all aspects of the way we live. Let’s make sure our networks are up to the challenge.

Networks connect us

Networks are critical to all our daily interactions.

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The heroes behind the networks

Networks are nothing without the people who build and operate them.

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Unbelievably powerful networks

Critical networks rely on Nokia’s IP and Optical technology.

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Our networks keep us connected

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a painful irony: at a time when we crave personal connections, maintaining our distance saves lives. Enter a new league of heroes. The people who design, build and operate communications networks are working around the clock to make sure the technology that we rely on – for working from home, video chatting with loved ones, or sharing important knowledge and resources – is there for us night and day. 

To all the network architects and operators whose work is being called on like never before: We salute you.

medical team

family on devices

BT: Core network rises to meet a pandemic

Power lines

“… [The] COVID-19 outbreak is causing changes to the way our networks are being used. At BT, we’re monitoring those changes carefully to make sure we can respond rapidly if needed. However the UK’s communications infrastructure is well within its capacity limits, and has significant headroom for growth in demand. Our networks have never played a more critical role, and I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work my teams are putting in to keep the country online during this difficult time.”

-Howard Watson, Chief Technology and Information Officer

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DE-CIX: Managing massive traffic hikes


“As a result of the exceptional situation in which people currently find themselves in, Internet usage is playing an ever greater role – with increasing use of news sites and video streaming and also Skype and WhatsApp video calls. In the last few days we have seen traffic hikes at multiple DE-CIX Internet Exchanges (IXs), including a new all-time traffic peak of more than 9.1 Terabits per second (Tbps), a growth of about 10%. All DE-CIX IXs are able to handle the existing and expected traffic growth without any problems.”


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Networks step forward

IP/Optical networks: The foundation of what’s to come

Extraordinary networks call for extraordinary technology. That’s what Nokia delivers. Our solutions help our customers evolve their network performance, capacity and awareness to capitalize on the new trends driving the digital world.


IP network services for 5G

Networks enabling service providers to deliver IP-based 5G services at a massive scale, to consumers and enterprise

5G Optical

Optical network services for 5G

Networks that allow service providers to provide 5G services to consumers and enterprise at the speed of light

Photo of skydivers in the clouds

Cloud and internet evolution

Networks that empower Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to rewire the economics of IT and the applications for work and play

Go allwhere graphic

Industrial automation

Networks that let enterprises take the leap into the modern world of digitalization

At the heart of the network

We’re here for you

Nokia is proud to be at the heart of networks worldwide. We are your trusted partner for building critical networks today and for years to come.

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