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Networks keep us going

Resiliency. It matters more than ever.

IP and Optical: The critical networks that meet our world’s ever growing demand

From streaming video to Industry 4.0, and from the Internet of Things to cloud gaming, demand on our networks has never been greater.

The success of these advances ultimately rests on the IP and optical networks that lie at the heart of modern infrastructure. Yet the performance and resilience of that network infrastructure – and the efforts of the people who design, build and operate it – are often taken for granted.

At Nokia, we’re committed to supporting the organizations and people who build and maintain the critical networks that keep us all going.

We aim to do that not just by providing high-quality technology foundations for 5G, cloud transformation, and Industry 4.0 – but also by highlighting and celebrating the efforts of network architects, engineers and operators everywhere.

Find out more about the critical networks that keep the world going, and the modern-day heroes who make sure those networks are there for us whenever we need them.

Our networks keep us going

Our networks keep us going

Behind the scenes, IP and optical networks connect everything together. Learn about the critical role of the world’s hidden routing and transport networks – and the people who build and operate them.

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Deepfield 2020 report

Discover insights gained in a year like no other

2020 was a year like no other for network operators. The pandemic exposed the true potential of exploring networks’ big data to keep them running. As COVID-19 lockdowns began, network traffic surged by 30-50%, videoconferencing demand soared by up to 700%, and DDoS traffic grew 40%.

Our comprehensive report presents the key network traffic trends and takeaways of the pandemic period – from streaming video consumption to VPN use, videoconferencing, online gaming and security threats.

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Nokia is proud to be at the heart of networks worldwide because networks keep us going. We are your trusted partner for building critical networks today and for years to come.

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